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Peter Porker’s ‘Spider-Ham: Caught in a Ham’ Short Now Online

John Mulaney reprises his role as the porcine superhero, who fights both to eat a hot dog AND secure a more appropriate name for his new evil nemesis.

John Mulaney reprises his role as the porcine superhero, in the animated short, 'Spider-Ham: Caught in a Ham.'

John Mulaney returns to the role of Peter Porker’s Spider-Ham he so brilliantly nailed in last year’s Oscar-winning animated feature, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, this time in a hilarious short, Spider-Ham: Caught in a Ham, now streaming on Marvel HQ YouTube Channel and shared with you below.

Directed by Miguel Jiron, produced by David Schulenburg and animated at Titmouse, Spider-Ham: Caught in a Ham first appeared on the Spider-Verse Blu-Ray. Now, it’s available for all to see!

Paying homage to cartoon slapstick and my 9th grade “Pun Club,” the film poses a number of philosophical questions: Will Spider-Ham get to eat his hot dog? Is it made from beef, or… ? Is there a better name for Dr. Craw Daddy? The answers await you… if you dare!

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