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‘Peppa Pig’ Gets Massive 104 Episode Greenlight, New Animation Studio

Hugely popular animated preschool series will see fresh content through at least 2027; Astley Baker Davies passes the production torch to British animation studio Karrot, with director Andrea Tran at the helm.

Hasbro’s Entertainment One (eOne) has announced a new content plan for the animated preschool series, Peppa Pig that begins with the greenlight of 104 x 5” new episodes that will supply the franchise with fresh content through 2027 and increase its catalogue to 485. Production will be transferred from Astley Baker Davies (ABD) to British animation studio Karrot, with Andrea Tran as director. The animation style, music, and voice talent will remain unchanged.

In a statement to AWN, Astley Baker Davies noted, “We decided that now is time for us to give ourselves the space to work on other projects without the day to day of producing Peppa. Having reached the end of our commitment for 117 Peppa episodes, it feels like the right time to let a new studio produce the next episodes.”

Key talent from ABD has been tapped to join Karrot. They will help maintain continuity by bringing their years of knowledge and experience. Included is Phill Hall, who joins as head writer; at ABD he co-wrote numerous episodes of Peppa Pig beginning in 2007.

“As demand for Peppa Pig remains as strong now as it’s ever been, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that additional new episodes are underway,” shared Rebecca Harvey, EVP Global Brand and Marketing at eOne Family Brands. “In creating the global evergreen preschool series, Astley Baker Davies have achieved a rare, once in a generation success story. The show’s enduring popularity is a tribute to their skill as storytellers and their dedication to the characters and their craft. We wish them every success as they embark on their next adventure. We remain committed to producing fresh Peppa Pig content that will continue to resonate with each new generation and that will underpin the long-term future of the property. We are, therefore, delighted to welcome award-winning British animation studio, Karrot, who will honor all the elements of the show that make it beloved of families around the world.”

Peppa Pig has been a huge part of our lives,” commented Neville Astley, Mark Baker and Phil Davies of Astley Baker Davies. “It’s a source of great pride that it’s given joy to so many children for so many years. Peppa will always be close to our hearts and we couldn’t be more pleased to be passing the torch to the extraordinarily talented team of artists at Karrot who will continue to deliver our adored Peppa to the world for many years to come.”

Peppa Pig has a charm and simplicity that is timeless and universal,” shared Karrot series producer Jamie Badminton. “It’s a giant honor to be continuing the legacy that Astley Baker Davies has created. We will remain faithful to their vision and look forward to being part of Peppa Pig’s future, enduring success.”

In addition to new content, eOne continues to drive growth for Peppa Pig with fresh CP lines and wide-reaching brand marketing plans. Season 9 kicks off this Spring with a new four-part U.S. special that sees Peppa and family take a road trip around America. The season debut will be followed by 22 new episodes that will roll out globally throughout 2021. Inspired by the new episodes, the theme of ‘Peppa Adventures’ will extend to the retail debut of Hasbro’s first ever global toy line.

The brand’s digital footprint continues to expand with the release of a second music album in July, new content on the official YouTube channel, and new audio stories for families to enjoy on-the-go. In the UK, a partnership between Peppa Pig and Team GB will leverage excitement around the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. More recently, plans for a new Peppa Pig theme park in Florida’s Legoland have just been announced, the attraction is set to open in 2022.

Source: eOne