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PDI and Dreamworks announce their third film, “Tusker”

Coming off their successful animated feature, Antz, Pacific Data Images (PDI) and DreamWorks have announced that their next collaboration will be Tusker, directed by Tim Johnson (co-director of Antz) and Brad Lewis (producer of Antz). The film will be PDI/DreamWorks third project and will follow the release of Shrek, which is currently in production. Tusker follows a herd of elephants as they make a perilous trek across Southeast Asia confronting numerous dangers including a malevolent group of poachers. Says DreamWorks head, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Tim, Brad and the entire PDI team brought an enormous amount of creativity and energy to Antz. It will be fun to see what they can do with bigger things - like elephants. We think Tusker has all the right ingredients to make a great movie, and PDI is just the team to make it happen.