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PBS & Discovery Kids Lead Children's Emmy Awards Nods

Nominees for the Children's Programming Emmy Awards were announced today (Feb. 7, 2007) by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at the annual Kidscreen Summit at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in New York City. Peter Price, president of the National Television Academy, was joined by Donna MacNeil, vp/group publisher of KIDSCREEN MAGAZINE, and John Tartaglia, host of the DISNEY PLAYHOUSE series, JOHNNY AND THE SPRITES.

This year marks the first time in the 34-year history of the Daytime Emmy Awards that Children's categories for programs, performers and writers have been singled out and honored at a separate ceremony. The Children's Emmy Awards will be given as part of the 34th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles on June 15. The rest of the Daytime Emmy nominations will be announced on March 14.

"Children's specialized programming has always had a major impact on the development of children and their understanding of the world," commented Price. "The nominations awarded to these programs, are a true testament to the continuing dedication and vision brought by those who work in this industry."

PBS led all other networks with 18 nominations while the combined total for Discovery Kids and Discovery Channel was 18. The next closest was Nickelodeon with three nods. SESAME STREET led all shows with five nods.

Below is a list of the animation nominees.

Outstanding Children's Animated Program

ARTHUR * PBSPierre Valette, exec producerToper Taylor, exec producerLesley Taylor, exec producerMarc Brown, exec producerPaul Higgins, coordinating producerDiane Dallaire, producerJacqui Deegan, producerGeoff Adams, producerTolon Brown, producerGreg Bailey, director/producerDebra Toffan, voice directorPeter K. Hirsch, head writerStephanie Simpson, head writerDeitrich Smith, writerRaye Lankford, writerHilary Illick, writer

CURIOUS GEORGE * PBSRon Howard, exec producerBrian Grazer, exec producerEllen Cockrill, exec producer Carol Greenwald, exec producerDavid Kirschner, exec producerJon Shapiro, exec producerPatty Jausoro, producerJacqui Deegan, producerPaul Higgins, coordinating producerJeff McGrath, supervising directorScott Heming, directorFrank Marino, directorDean Criswell, directorSusan Blu, voice directorJoe Fallon, story editor/writerRaye Lankford, writerBruce Akiyama, writer

PEEP AND THE BIG WIDE WORLD * Discovery KidsKate Taylor, exec producerJessica Hanlon-Rapsas, exec producerVince Commisso, senior producerPaul Higgins, coordinating producerSteven Jarosz, coordinating producerMarisa Wolsky, producerKai Pindal, producerRick Marshall, directorSteve Boeckler, directorDebra Toffan, voice directorKathy Waugh, head writerGlen Berger, writer

TIME WARP TRIO * NBCMartha Ripp, exec producerCarol Greenwald, exec producerPaul Higgins, coordinating producerDavid Trexler, producerJacqui Deegan, producerPatrick Downie, producerDavid Sanangelo, directorPeter K. Hirsch, head writerGlen Berger, writer

TODDWORLD * Discovery KidsBill Schultz, exec producerMike Young, co-exec producerLiz Young, co-exec producerTodd Parr, exec producerGerry Renert, exec producerAmy Sprecher, exec producerTapaas Chakravarti, exec producerPaul Cummins, exec producerMelinda Toporoff, supervising producerCarin Greenberg, supervising producer/writerMarie Cecchino-Brand, line producerStuart Cunningham, producerSiobhan Ni Ghadhra, producerJeff Gordon, directorDoug Parker, voice directorDennys McCoy, writerPamela Hickey, writerNicole Dubuc, writerCorey Powell, writerDon Gillies, writerTom Mason, WriterDan Danko, writerJeff Deckman, writerJennifer Klein, writerSascha Paladino, writer

Outstanding Special Class Animated Program

THE BATMAN * KIDS WB!Sander Schwartz, exec producerAlan Burnett, exec producerDuane Capizzi, exec producer /story editorMichael Goguen, supervising producerJeff Matsuda, producerLinda M. Steiner, producerGlen Murakami, producerKimberly Smith, line producerAnthony Chun, directorBrandon Vietti, directorMatt Youngberg, directorGinny McSwain, directorAndrea Romano, directorMichael Jelenic, story editorAlexx Van Dyne, writerSteven Melching, writerJoseph Kuhr, writer

BIGFOOT PRESENTS: METEOR AND THE MIGHTY MONSTER TRUCKS * Discovery KidsBill Gross, exec producerDavid Snyder, exec producer/writerJames D. Stern, exec producerDouglas E. Hansen, exec producerMichael Braverman, co-exec producerBarry Bloom, co-exec producerBruce Charet, co-exec producerJeffrey Kramer, co-exec producerMarjorie Kaplan, exec producerKristine Klohk, producerDave Beatty, directorTrevor Hierons, directorDebra Toffan, voice directorShawn Kalb, writerPatrick Granleese, writer

GROWING UP CREEPIE * Discovery KidsBill Schultz, exec producerMike Young, exec producerLiz Young, exec producerCarin Greenberg, exec producer/writerMelinda Toporoff, exec producerJim Rapsas, exec producerMarie Cecchino-Brand, line producerLim Lin Li, line producerJosh Fisher, producerPhil DiBartolo, producerStevie Vallance, producer/voice directorSiobhan Ni Ghadhra, producerSung Lin Gun, directorGuy Vasilovich, supervising directorPamela Hickey, writerDennys McCoy, writer

TUTENSTEIN * Discovery KidsBruce Johnson, exec producerWilliam Baumann, exec producerPaul Cummins, exec producerJessica Hanlon-Rapsas, exec producerFred Schaefer, co-exec producerMark Young, supervising producerSteven Wilzbach, line producerCyrus Mistry, line producerSiobhan Ni Ghadhra, producerNorton Virgien, director

Outstanding Directing In A Children's Series

IT'S A BIG BIG WORLD * PBSMitchell Kriegman, directorDean Gordon, directorTyler Bunch, director

LAZY TOWN * NickelodeonMagnus Scheving, directorJonathan Judge, director

SESAME STREET * PBSTed May, directorEmily Squires, directorVictor Dinapoli, directorKen Diego, directorLisa Simon, directorJim Martin, directorKevin Clash, directorNadine Zylstra, director

Original Song-Children's/Animated

BARBIE IN THE 12 DANCING PRINCESSES * NickelodeonSong Title: "Shine"Arnie Roth, composerAmy Powers, lyricistRobert Hudnut, lyricist

BETWEEN THE LIONS * PBSSong Title: "Q Without U"Sarah Durkee, composer/lyricistPaul Jacobs, composer/lyricist

BRATZ * FOXSong Title: "So Good"Matthew Gerrard, composerA. Carlsson, lyricistJ. Elofsson, lyricistA. Thompson, lyricist

FETCH! WITH RUFF RUFFMAN * PBSSong Title: "FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman Theme Song"Terry Tompkins, composer/lyricistSteve D'Angelo, composerRocco Gagliese, composerGlen Berger, lyricist

TODDWORLD * Discovery KidsSong Title: "Take A Look Inside"Bill Schultz, composer/lyricistAl Jarreau, composer/lyricistMike Himelstein, composer/lyricist

Outstanding Performer In An Animated Program

DISNEY'S THE EMPEROR'S NEW SCHOOL * Discovery Eartha Kitt, As Yzma

FETCH! WITH RUFF RUFFMAN * PBSJim Conroy, As Ruff Ruffman



THE WONDER PETS * NickelodeonDanica Lee, As Ming-Ming Duckling


CYBERCHASE * PBSFrances Nankin, exec producerSandra Sheppard, exec producerEllen Doherty, senior series producerJill Peters, senior producerBob Morris, producer/directorSuzanne Rose, producerElizabeth Hummer, producer/directorArash Hoda, coordinating producerAnthony Chapman, online exec producerDavid Hirmes, online producer

GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY AND MANDY * Cartoon NetworkBrian Miller, exec producerJennifer Pelphrey, supervising producerNate Funaro, production managerKelsey Mann, directorDarrick Bachman, writer

SCOOBY-DOO: HAUNTS FOR THE HOLIDAYS * WarnerBros.ComSam Ades, director, brand stratgey

The complete nominee listing is available online at

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