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PBS adds Noddy to daily schedule

Beginning September 6, 1999, NODDY will air Monday through Friday on PBS stations in the US as part of PBS's "Ready to Learn" service. NODDY debuted in the US in the fall of 1998. The program's success has led to the production of 25 new episodes, bringing the total number of episodes to 65. The new episodes will begin airing in the fall of 1999. Based on the world-renowned children's books by Enid Blyton, NODDY, a show for children ages three to seven, is co-produced by BBC Worldwide, The Enid Blyton Company and Toronto-based Catalyst Entertainment, Inc. NODDY is currently viewed on more than 200 PBS stations throughout the US, and in Canada on the Canadian Broadcasting Company and TVOntario. Noted British author Enid Blyton first created the classic NODDY stories about a little boy who lives in Toyland almost 50 years ago, which have since sold more than 200 million books worldwide. In 1991, an animated series, based on Blyton's books, was created by the BBC and aired in the United Kingdom. To create the current NODDY series, Rick Siggelkow wove the pre-existing animation into an original live action format, with new puppet characters, special effects, original songs and a cast of adult and child actors. NODDY is set in an old-fashioned novelty shop called Notions, Oddities, Doodads & Delights of Yesterday, or NODDY's, owned by the retired sea captain, Noah Tomten. Every day after school, his grandchildren, Kate and Truman, and their friend D.J. gather at the shop to play and wait for their parents to finish work. As the children discover antique toys, books and other treasures in the shop, their imaginations are sparked and they begin to make up stories. The storytelling segues into the animated adventures of NODDY the mischievous wooden boy who lives in Toyland.