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Pathé Live Kids Bringing Animated Series to the Big Screen

New initiative bringing kids shows including ‘Fireman Sam,’ ‘Bob the Builder,’ and ‘Masha and the Bear’ to theaters across Europe kicks off in France, Switzerland and Belgium.

Iconic film company Pathé Live is introducing kids across Europe to the magic of cinema with Pathé Live Kids -- a new initiative that shows exclusive kids content on the big screen.

Recordings of hit stage shows T’choupi and TroTro have already hit cinema screens across France, Switzerland and Belgium, with mega-brands Fireman Sam, Bob the Builder and Masha and the Bear set to follow next year. Audiences will be treated to six brand new Masha episodes, all brought together in a feature length show with a presenter introducing each episode and interacting with the audience. Meanwhile, Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam get the movie treatment with two new 60-minute features -- the global premiere of Bob the Builder: Mega Machines and the European premiere of Fireman Sam: Alien Alert. All content is exclusive to Pathé Live in France, Switzerland and Belgium (and in France, French Switzerland and Sweden for Masha) and has never been seen before.

To encourage families to come along and enjoy the cinema, family-friendly features -- such as affordable ticket prices, brighter lighting, child-friendly sound levels and an intermission -- are part of the show.

Pathé Live Kids opened with Masha and the Bear in cinemas across Sweden last weekend, with thousands of families enjoying the show. Cinemas throughout France, Switzerland, Benelux and Scandinavia will join in over the next six months, with screenings at weekends and in school holidays. Pathé Live is then looking to introduce the format to the rest of Europe

“This initiative promotes the magic of cinema by bringing some of our best-loved preschool brands onto the big screen,” says Caspar Nadaud, Managing Director of Pathé Live. “It’s a fantastic way for families to enjoy a first trip to the movies and we are looking to link up with licensors, content owners and broadcasters who would like to work with us in rolling out Pathé Live Kids across Europe.”

Source: Pathé Live