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‘Patchwork Pals’ Picks Up Prize in Venice

German animation studio FILM BILDER wins the Pulcinella award at Cartoons on the Bay for innovative new preschool series Patchwork Pals, created by award-winning indie animator Angela Steffen.

German animation studio FILM BILDER won the Pulcinella award for their innovative new preschool series Patchwork Pals at Cartoons on the Bay in Venice. The series was created by award-winning indie animator Angela Steffen.

Production on the series began in 2013, with three episodes completed to date. Twenty-three more episodes are planned for completion in 2015. The series is produced by FILM BILDER, co-produced by public broadcaster SWR, and funded by MFG Baden-Württemberg.

Targeted at children aged between two and five years of age, the series tells heartwarming stories on an animated blanket. It is the happy home of the Patchwork Pals. But there is always a challenge. Here´s the chicken, her egg is stuck! There´s the fish with no more water! And the fox always wants to eat everyone for breakfast! In this series for TV starters, the Patchwork Pals always find a way to help each other in the end.

Watch “The Chicken,” below:


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