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Passion Pictures Pops Giant Button Spots

London-based PASSION PICTURES pops open four 10-second spots for Cadbury's

Giant Button chocolates. Director Chris Hauge brought to life the animated

little girl Giant Button, voiced by Noddy Holder. In "Boy Bands," she

advises young fans that if a favorite boy band breaks up just "find a new

one." In "Parents," she advises youngsters to emigrate to a desert island

if their parents become too embarrassing. In "Boys," Giant Buttons avoids a

nerdy boy's kisses and says, "Boys -- always play hard to get, cos they'll

love you even more." Finally in "Fashion," she advises young girls that "if

you can't decide what to wear to a party...take everything" as she bounces

out the door with her whole wardrobe! The spots were produced by Hugo


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