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Parker & Stone's 3 Year Deal

SOUTH PARK creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have signed a three-year deal with Comedy Central. The profanity purveyors announced an exclusive multimillion-dollar deal with the cable network ending rumors they were fleeing to ABC for a $1 million an episode pact. The deal calls for 30 new episodes of SOUTH PARK and a new live-action series to debut next year. "For the last three years we have been exceptionally lucky to have our show on a network that respects creative freedom," said Parker. "We've realized it is this freedom that has made us the happiest, that's why we've decided to stay with Comedy Central." Under the agreement, Parker and Stone will produce at least 10 South Park episodes per year beginning in September, as well as share profits from the show's syndication. The crass crew will also develop an untitled live-action political satire series to be launched in 2001. The deadline daring duo could also have been lured by flexible due dates. The SOUTH PARK spoof of the INS raid to grab Elian Gonzalez was finished within hours of its broadcast. Try doing that in network television!

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