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Outpost VFX Delivers Ghostly Effects for ‘Under the Shadow’

Bournemouth, U.K.-based VFX studio provides 88 complex shots for director Babak Anvari’s BAFTA-nominated film set in in 1988 during the Iran-Iraq war, including cloth simulations, CG characters, digital doubles, and digital matte paintings.

Bournemouth, U.K.-based Outpost VFX recently provided a range of visual effects for Wigwam Films’ Under The Shadow, written and directed by Babak Anvari. Set in 1988 during the Iran-Iraq war, and starring Narges Rashidi, Avin Manshadi and Bobby Naderi, Under The Shadow is the story of bombing and the country’s bloody revolution slowly tearing a mother and daughter apart. As they struggle to stay together in the midst of these modern terrors, a mysterious evil stalks through their apartment, threatening their grip on reality. 

As the sole VFX provider for the project, Outpost provided 88 complex VFX shots across a wide variety of techniques including ghostly cloth simulation, full CGI character creation, digital doubles, set extensions and digital matte paintings.

“The team at Outpost always do an amazing job but the fact that we were able to turn this around in eight weeks is a testament to their hard work, dedication and commitment,” said CEO Duncan McWilliam of the project.

Prior to its debut at Sundance 2016 Netflix picked up streaming rights and Under The Shadow went on to be considered one of the 5 standout films of the festival and hailed as a modern classic. 

Equally well received at SXSW, the film had been nominated for two BAFTAs and has been selected by BAFTA as the United Kingdom’s Foreign Language Academy Award entry for 2016.  It also picked up three British Independent Film Awards for Best Screenplay and Best Debut Director for Babak Anvari and Best Supporting Actress for Anvin Manshadi.

The feature has been available on Netflix since January 7th and opened in cinemas last October to glowing reviews.

In the past year alone Outpost has provided VFX for an impressive slate of feature films including Jason Bourne (Universal), My Beautiful Broken Brain (Netflix), In The Deep, iBoy (Wigwam Films) and is currently providing VFX on Salty (Salty Films), Final Score (Signature Entertainment) and Interlude in Prague (Stillking Films).

Source: Outpost VFX