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Ottawa winners announced

OTTAWA WINNERS. The Ottawa International Animation Festival wrapped up on Sunday night with an awards show at the National Arts Center in Canadas capital city. The grand prize went to the new Estonian film, Night of the Carrots, by Priit Pärn who was on hand to accept the award as the festival also hosted a four-part retrospective of Estonian animation. The jury, comprised of Igor Kovalyov (Russia/U.S.A.), Janno Pöldma (Estonia), Erica Russell (U.K.), Mike Smith (U.S.A.) and Lea Zagury (Brazil), chose not to award prizes in two categories: Educational Production (C) and Music Video (F). The additional winners are as follows:

Category A (Independent Works Under 30 Minutes): Underground by Matti Kütt (Estonia).

Category B (Best First/Student Work): Peaches by Charmaine Choo (U.K.).

Category D (Commercial): MK.00 by Fred MacDonald, Olive Jar Animation (U.S.A.)

Category E (Station/Program Identification): Flying Daddy by Keita Kurosaka (Japan).

Category G (Television Specials): For Ever and Ever by Micheala Pavlàtova and Pavel Kouteck (Czech Republic).

Category H (Television Series): Pond Life: Bitter and Twisted by Candy Guard (U.K.).

Chromacolour Award for the Best Use of Colour: Firehouse by Bärbel Neubauer (Germany).

Gordon Bruce Award for Humor: Crocodile Gangsters by Eric Blesin (Belgium).

Zach Schwartz Award for Best Story: The Mermaid by Alexander Petrov (Russia).

Mike Gribble Award for Most Hilarious Film: Millennium Bug by Lee Lanier (U.S.A.).

Viacom Canada Prize for Best Canadian Film: Linear Dreams by Richard Reeves (Canada).

Craft Prize for Best Sound: Smash by Kirsten Winter (Germany).

Media Prize for best Computer Animation: Bingo by Chris Landreth (Canada).

Special Jury Prize: Black Burlesque by Tomasz Kozak (Poland).

Special Jury Prize: Bermuda by ülo Pikkov (Estonia).

Most Innovative Design: Staggerings by Peter Collis (U.K.).

The Ottawa International Animation Festival will be reviewed in the November 1998 issue of Animation World Magazine, available on-line November 1.