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Ottawa Festival to release videos

The Ottawa International Animation Festival and Canadian Film Institutehave acquired the North American video rights to all Estonian animationfilms produced by the studios,Tallinnfilm, Eesti Joonisfilm, and Nukufilm.The collection includes award winning films by Priit Parn, ("Hotel E,""Breakfast on the Grass," and "The Night of the Carrots"); Rao Heidmets("Hell"); Mati Kutt ("Underground," "Smoked Spout Baked in the Sun"); JannoPoldma ("Birthday"); Rein Raamat ("Hell"); and many more.

A five volume video set entitled "Before and After Independence: 40 Yearsof Estonian Animation" will be released in the Fall of 1999. Last summer,the Ottawa Festival also acquired the rights to the films of Polishanimator, Stefan Schabenbeck. For more information call 1-613-232-8769 oremail