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OTOY Launches RNDR Enterprise Tier with Nvidia Tensor Core GPUs on Google Cloud

New technology pushes the boundary of GPU rendering and cloud computing, allowing artists to create high-end visual effects with fewer restraints.

LOS ANGELES -- OTOY has announced the launch of their RNDR Enterprise Tier featuring next generation Nvidia A100 Tensor Core GPUs on Google Cloud with record performance surpassing 8000 OctaneBench. This milestone was reached on a Google Cloud Accelerator-Optimized VM (A2) instance with 16 NVIDIA A100 GPUs. Each A100 GPU offers up to 20x the compute performance compared to the previous generation processor.

With Google Cloud’s Nvidia A100 instances on OTOY’s RNDR Enterprise Tier, artists can leverage OctaneRender’s industry-leading, unbiased, spectrally correct, GPU-accelerated rendering for advanced visual effects, ultra-high-resolution rendering, and immersive location-based entertainment formats. Benchmarked using OctaneRender 2020.1.4, Google Cloud instances bring thousands of secure, production-ready Nvidia high-performance GPU clusters to the OctaneRender ecosystem – featuring both Nvidia V100 Tensor Core GPUs (with up to 3000 OctaneBench) and Nvidia A100 Tensor Core GPUs (with up to 8000 OctaneBench).

This fall, OctaneRender users will get early access to Google Cloud’s new Nvidia A100 GPU instances with 40GB VRAM, 8-way Nvidia NVLink support and 1.6 TB/s memory bandwidth, delivering remarkable memory capacity for fast GPU render times for the most demanding memory-intensive scenes, which was previously only available with slower out-of-core or CPU rendering.

“For nearly a decade we have been pushing the boundary of GPU rendering and cloud computing to get to the point where there are no longer constraints on artistic creativity,” commented OTOY founder and CEO, Jules Ubach. “With Google Cloud’s Nvidia A100 instances featuring massive VRAM and the highest OctaneBench ever recorded, we have reached a first for GPU rendering – where artists no longer have to worry about scene complexity when realizing their creative visions.”

“OctaneRender GPU-accelerated rendering democratized visual effects enabling anyone with an NVIDIA GPU to create high-end visual effects on par with a Hollywood studio,” added Ubach. “Google Cloud’s Nvidia A100 instances are a major step in further democratizing advanced visual effects, giving any OctaneRender users on-demand access to state of the art Nvidia GPUs previously only available in the biggest Hollywood studios.”

“Built on the Nvidia Ampere architecture, the Nvidia A100 Tensor Core GPU has come to the cloud faster than any NVIDIA GPU in history,” remarked NVIDIA VP of professional visualization, Bob Pette. “It’s record-breaking performance will open creative possibilities for artists and designers who use OctaneRender to produce their leading-edge work.”

“Google Cloud Accelerator-Optimized VM (A2) instances are one of the only places with 16 GPUs connected via NVLink topology, enabling artists to push creative boundaries without sacrificing speed or performance,” explained Google Cloud director, product management, ML infrastructure, Manish Sainani. “Bringing A2 instances to RNDR is a game changer for ultra-high-resolution production, machine learning augmented rendering workflows, and next generation immersive media formats.”

Introduced earlier this year along with OctaneRender 2020, the RNDR Network allows artists to choose between rendering jobs on secure Enterprise Tier GPUs like Google Cloud’s Nvidia instances or leverage the massive processing power available on a network of decentralized GPUs. Artists processing renders on the RNDR Enterprise tier can also use decentralized GPUs for overflow capacity, providing the flexibility to scale renders across thousands of peer-to-peer nodes when on a deadline or for ultra-high-resolution formats.

The RNDR Enterprise tier on Google Cloud is available for users of all OctaneRender integrated plugins across 20 of the industry’s leading content creation tools, including Maxon Cinema 4D, SideFX Houdini and Autodesk Maya. All current OctaneRender 2020 Studio and Enterprise subscribers as well as for OctaneRender Box License holders with an Enterprise maintenance plan can access the RNDR Enterprise Tier.

Current OctaneRender users can try RNDR or subscribe, buy, or upgrade to OctaneRender 2020 to access industry-leading 2-3x Nvidia Optix7 RTX GPU hardware acceleration, Fast-Spectral Random Walk SSS, C4D native GPU noises, OSL Volume Shaders, and many more new features. OctaneRender 2020 also includes access to EmberGenFX – one of the industry’s first real time GPU simulation toolsets for ultra-realistic fire, volumetrics, smoke and particles and OTOY Sculptron, a GPU-based Mesh sculpting toolset.

For additional information visit the OTOY website.

Source: OTOY