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Osmosis Jones Gains Two New Live-Action Actors

The live-action cast for OSMOSIS JONES just keeps getting bigger. SNLs Molly Shannon and Chris Elliot have been added to the live-action cast, which includes Bill Murray. The story centers on a man (Murray) who gets sick and the white blood cell (voiced by Chris Rock) and cold pill (voiced by David Hyde Pierce) that race to battle the virus overtaking his body. The animated portion will take place in Murrays body, while the live-action takes part in the outside world. Shannon will play Murrays daughters schoolteacher and Elliot will play Murrays best friend. Early reports had the live-action segments at a minimum, but after Peter and Bobby Farrelly (THERES SOMETHING ABOUT MARY?) were brought on to direct the live-action and help with re-writes, it seems the animation has decreased quite a bit from its original amount. Pete Kroon and Tom Sito are directing the animated sequences at Warner Bros. Feature Animation.

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