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Oscar nominations announced

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has announced the Academy Award/Oscar nominees for films made in 1998. The nominees in the Best Animated Short Film category are:

JOLLY ROGER, an Astley Baker production directed by Mark Baker.

THE CANTERBURY TALES, an S4C production written and executive directed by Jonathan Myerson.

BUNNY, a Blue Sky Studios production written and directed by Chris Wedge.

WHEN LIFE DEPARTS, an A Films Aps production directed by Karsten Killerich and Stefan Fjeldmark.

MORE, a film made by Flemington Pictures, Bad Clams Productions and Swell Productions in 70mm/15 perf written and directed by Mark Osborne.

The winning film will be announced during the 71th annual Academy Awards ceremony on March 21, 1999 in Los Angeles.

Haven't seen all of the films? Don't worry, visit The 1999 AWN Oscar Showcase [], complete with downloadable QuickTime clips from all the nominees, exclusive quotes from the filmmakers, plus film stills and summaries. In addition, visitors can vote for their favorite films on the site with the results being announced on Oscar Day.