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Oscar Isaac to Voice Jesus Christ in Faith-Based Animated ‘The King of Kings’

Forest Whitaker has also joined as the apostle Peter in the family film inspired by Charles Dickens’ short story ‘The Life of Our Lord.'

Oscar Isaac has joined the cast of the upcoming animated film The King of Kings as the voice of Jesus Christ, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Forest Whitaker has also joined as the apostle Peter. Inspired by Charles Dickens’ short story “The Life of Our Lord,” the project is a simplified version of the gospels. Dickens wrote the story to share and read aloud to his children to impart religious instruction.

“A film capturing the epic life of Jesus Christ warrants a stellar cast, and our actors announced to date – Oscar Isaac, Forest Whitaker, Kenneth Branagh, Uma Thurman and Roman Griffin Davis – is impressive by any measure,” says producer Anfernee Kim. “Oscar perfectly captures the impactful delivery of Jesus, and Forest’s expertly embodies the complicated aspects of Peter.”

The film follows Dickens, who is troubled by his work/life balance, namely the demands of his writing and his parenting responsibilities. He shares his short story with his youngest son, Walter, to help them in their relationship. The reading of Dicken’s short story subsequently becomes a Dicken’s family Christmas tradition.

South Korean animation and VFX studio Mofac Animation is in final stages of production on the film, its first-ever feature-length animated movie.

Seong-ho “Jay” Jang directs and co-writes with Rob Edwards (Disney’s The Princess and the Frog). The production talent includes BAFTA-winning cinematographer Woo-Hyung Kim, composer Tae-seong Kim, and Emmy Award-winning dialogue and casting director Jamie Thomason (Spirited AwayThe Spectacular Spider-ManThe Tigger Movie), who also serves as an executive producer alongside Andrew Mann (ImperiumOutcast). Anfernee Kim (Last KnightsJohn Woo’s The Crossing 2) produces.

Mofac Animation is currently seeking distribution partners.

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