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OptiTrack Releases Motive 2.0 Motion Tracking Software

New continuous calibration feature eliminates the need for wand waves. New version also adds functionality for movement sciences, character animation, VR and robotics.

Motion capture systems developer OptiTrack announced the release of its Motive 2.0 software. With an expanded feature set and redesigned user interface, Motive 2.0 advances its precision human and object tracking capabilities across VR, animation, movement sciences and robotics applications.

“There is something for every OptiTrack user in Motive 2.0,” said Brian Nilles, chief strategy officer, OptiTrack. “We dramatically improved the workflows and feature sets based on customer input, and made some big advancements with our product roadmap to completely automate the daily operation of OptiTrack systems. For instance, the introduction of continuous calibration removes the need for the ‘wand wave’ that has been a daily component of motion capture and tracking systems for over 30 years. Now, little or no calibration maintenance is required after installation, and there is no longer a deterioration of the calibration over time. It simply produces the very best accuracy that OptiTrack is well known for -- all the time.”

Additional Motive 2.0 highlights include OptiTrack Active support, delivering a highly optimized wide area tracking system for location-based entertainment VR. Several workflow refinements have also been made to make it even easier for non-technical staff to set up and maintain high volume LBE VR experiences.

Useful for character animation and biomechanics applications, a new rigid body refinement tool improves the tracking quality and decreases post-processing time by defining rigid bodies during capture session takes. This also increases marker location accuracy in final data output. For biomechanics and industrial measurement workflows, Motive 2.0’s new probe measurement kit allows users to sample precise 3D data points within a calibrated capture volume.

Motive 2.0’s new interface improves data organization for a more efficient workflow, providing users with more flexibility to categorize, search and manage recorded takes for more convenient post-processing work. Recorded data can be monitored using new custom graphs, providing analytics for items such as force plate data, marker trajectory data, rigid body orientation/position data and analog data collected by NI-DAQ devices. Motive 2.0 also supports OptiTrack’s gizmo toolset, which allows users to quickly and easily make changes to rigid body pivot points as well as segment size of skeleton assets.

Optimized for use with OptiTrack motion capture cameras, Motive 2.0 is now available for $999 for object tracking applications such as VR, drones and robotics, and $2,999 for tracking human movements in addition to rigid bodies.

Source: OptiTrack