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OptiTrack Launches Motive 3.1 Beta 1

Now compatible with all OptiTrack mocap cameras and Cinepuck video camera tracking with simplified user interface, asset creation and 3D viewing and graphing; final release coming Q1 2024.

Leading 3D tracking systems developer OptiTrack announced the release of Motive 3.1 Beta 1, offering compatibility with all the company’s motion capture cameras and its purpose-built, active marker, Cinepuck video camera tracking. The update features improved user interfaces, asset creation, 3D viewing, and graphing.

Aimed at simplifying high-quality, low-latency performance motion tracking, Motive 3.1 includes new, easy-to-use presets and labeling for tracked items, reducing extra steps. It also features enhanced real-time continuous camera calibration. It automatically resolves the harshest tracking environments for a streamlined user experience.

“OptiTrack’s Motive software remains a popular choice today with unrivaled precision, simple setup and operation, as well as customization options for personalized support,” said OptiTrack executive vice president Adam Schmidt. “The new Motive 3.1 includes several key enhancements that deliver an even more straightforward solution to address the latest performance capture and motion tracking needs.”

Motive offers simple workflows and body tracking data, including precise finger tracking in large volumes with high subject counts. The latest version helps users navigate difficult tracking situations with heavy marker occlusion while delivering precise real-time tracking. Users can efficiently capture accurate data and produce visually compelling computer graphic content.

OptiTrack’s Motive 3.1 benefit highlights:

Camera Compatibility: Now compatible with all OptiTrack motion-capture cameras, including PrimeX series, SlimX series, Flex series, and desktop tracking V120 Trio and Duo. Motive 3.1 maximizes each camera’s capabilities and features, delivering the best motion data.

Trained Markersets: Leveraging advancements in machine learning, Motive 3.1 allows users to track and label anything in real-time and to quickly follow tracked objects from animals, jump ropes, faces, and floor mats.

Enhanced Sensor Fusion: The solution’s sensor fusion process combines marker and inertial measurement unit (IMU) tracking, using the best attributes of both methods to provide smooth data. It is also robust against difficult tracking solutions, supporting full 6 Degrees of Freedom tracking with only a single marker data.

Continuous Calibration Transparency: Its continuous calibration can automatically repair or correct against the harshest tracking environments with features such as anchor markers, camera partitions, and bumped camera corrections. The software signals calibration issues with various colors and alerts, offering better transparency.

Pre-Defined Settings: Featuring several default configuration settings, users can shorten configuration time and ease deployment. Customization is also available for more advanced configurations.

Motive 3.1 Beta 1 is available now, with the final production release in the first quarter of 2024.

Additional information is available here.   

Source: OptiTrack

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