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Only One Grim Survivor Of Cartoon Network’s Voice Your Choice Weekend

Throughout the summer Cartoon Network has been airing a different pilot on Friday evenings, cumulating in the August 25-27, "Voice Your Choice Weekend." Viewers voted for their favorite pilot and the top three will become the next series on Cartoon Network. Surviving the length of the summer after being the first pilot broadcast, THE GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY AND MANDY was the top pick to join the channels 2001 schedule. Maxwell Atoms created BILLY AND MANDY, a quirky cartoon where Billy and Mandy win the friendship of the Grim Reaper during a competition for Billys hamsters soul. Coming in second, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ROBOT JONES?, created by Greg Miller, follows the foibles of an adolescent robot in junior high school. The third toon was LONGHAIR AND DOUBLEDOME, created by Gavrilo Gnatovich, about two philosophical cavemen who just dont fit into their prehistoric surroundings. "We truly empowered our kid viewers to let their collective voice be heard in programming Cartoon Network next year," said Mike Lazzo, senior vice president of programming and production for Cartoon Network. "Kids are extremely selective viewers and know instinctively what makes a good show. Now that they've told us what characters they want to see in a full series next year, we'll do our best to bring them the funniest and most creative show possible."

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