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‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ Ends its ‘Coco’ Run This Week

Poorly received by audiences, the 22-minute Disney episode was intended for a limited run.

Disney’s unpopular 22-minute Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will stop playing in front of the Pixar feature Coco as of Dec. 8.

Audiences have been reacting poorly to the movie, which Disney describes as a short, mostly because of its length. Many moviegoers have noted that, including previews and other pre-show material, the actual start of Coco is in some cases about 40 minutes later than advertised.

While some sites linked the end of Olaf’s run to the backlash, Entertainment Weekly reports that the short was always intended to have a limited run. Workers at movie theaters have confirmed this, sharing a reminder sent from Disney to exhibitors that also suggests the time saved be used to schedule an additional screening per day of Coco.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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