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OIAF 2022 Reveals Official Animated Shorts Competition Selections

51 shorts to compete in student, narrative, non-narrative, and commissioned categories; the upcoming festival runs September 21-25.

The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) has announced this year’s official animated shorts competition selections, which include 51 animated works in Student, Narrative, Non-Narrative, and Commissioned categories. The jury consists of Marko Tadic, Terril Calder, and Jonni Phillips. OIAF runs September 21-25 in Ottawa.

The Selections are:

Short Film Competition


  • & MORE, by Tsz-wing HO, Hong Kong SAR China
  • 99¢ Pizza, by Lucas Ansel, United States
  • Above the clouds, by Vivien Hárshegyi, Hungary
  • Before Her Body Left, by Yuxin Yang, China
  • Being Sisyphus for one second a day, by Peixuan Cheng, China
  • Carlos Montaña, by Ita Romero, Argentina
  • KLIMAX, by Bea Hoeller, Germany
  • La bride (the dogs leash), by Nicolas Piret, Belgium
  • Les larmes de la Seine (The Seine’s tears), by Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer & Alice Letailleur, France
  • Mountain Blues, by Lucie Levrangi, United Kingdom
  • Slouch, by Michael Bohnenstingl, Germany
  • The Pattern, by Péter Bogyó, Hungary
  • Vampire, by Xian Zhong, Taiwan & United Kingdom
  • Zoon, by Jonatan Schwenk, Germany


  • 100 Miles by Louis Bodart, Canada
  • Amok, by Balázs Turai, Hungary & Romania
  • Backflip, by Nikita Diakur, Germany
  • Beware of Trains, by Emma Calder, United Kingdom
  • Bird in the Peninsula, Atsushi Wada, France & Japan
  • Dealing with War, by Andreas Hykade, Germany
  • Drone, by Sean Buckelew, United States
  • Hotel Kalura, by Sophie Koko Gate, United Kingdom
  • Koerkorter (Dog Apartment), by Priit Tender, Estonia
  • Letter to a Pig, by Tal Kantor, France & Israel
  • Lucky Man, by Claude Luyet, Switzerland
  • O Homem do Lixo (The Garbage Man), by Laura Gonçalves, Portugal
  • Sierra, by Sander Joon, Estonia
  • The Debutante, by Elizabeth Hobbs, United Kingdom
  • The Flying Sailor, by Wendy Tilby & Amanda Forbis, Canada
  • The Loach, by Xi Chen & Xu An, China
  • The Record, by Jonathan Laskar, Switzerland
  • Triangle noir (Triangle of Darkness), by Marie-Noëlle Moreau Robidas, Canada


  • 11, by Vuk Jevremovic, Croatia & Germany
  • CUBER, by Vince Collins, United States
  • Donald Daffy, by Peter Millard, United Kingdom
  • Iizuna Fair, by Sumito Sakakibara, Japan
  • Intermission, by Réka Bucsi, Hungary
  • Sed Saepe Cadendo, Gina Kamentsky, United States
  • The Hour Coat, by Amy Kravitz, United States
  • Yin Mu (Silver Cave), by Caibei Cai, China


  • 25 years, by Kang Min Kim, South Korea & United States
  • Animal Collective – “We Go Back,” by Winston Hacking & Michael Enzbrunner, United States & Canada
  • “Can’t negotiate the melting point of ice,” by Yannis Konstantinidis & Marcos Savignano, United Kingdom
  • Cuco – “Caution,” by Cole Kush & Christopher Rutledge
  • Mac Miller – “Colors and Shapes,” by Sam Mason, United States
  • Online Business, “Downright Suspicious,” by Momoka Watanabe, Japan
  • Pharell Williams – “Cash In Cash Out,” by François Rousselet, United States & France
  • “PSSY,” Nayon Cho & Simon Wilches Castro, United States
  • “Save Ralph,” Dan Streit, United Kingdom & United States
  • “The Cosmophones,” by Kerwin Frost, Dan Streit, United States
  • TVFCU – “A Place for All of Us,” Dale Hayward & Sylvie Trouvé, Canada & United States

“Pandemic and Convoys be damned!” said OIAF Artistic Director Chris Robinson. “OIAF 2022 returns to in-person shenanigans with yet another tray of provocative, befuddling, hilarious, and heart-swirling animation films that deal with war, female desire, functional and dysfunctional families, backflips, and the long-awaited meeting of two great ducks Donald and Daffy.”

In addition to determining the Grand Prize and Shorts Competition category winner, Tadic, Calder, and Phillips will select the winners of the OIAF Shorts competition craft prizes for best script, technique, sound, and design.

OIAF is on the festival qualifying list of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which allows the festival’s Grand Prize winner in the Shorts Competition to bypass the usual Oscar qualification process.

All winners will receive an award statue designed by Ottawa-based scrap metal artist Tick Tock Tom. The statues are working phénakisticopes that feature New York artist George Griffin's animations.

Additional information is available on the event’s website.

Source: OIAF

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