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Official Fredrikstad Animation Festival Selections Announced

Nordic-Baltic FAF reveals lineup of 67 films set to compete at this year’s event, which runs October 22 – 25. 

Fredrikstad Animation Festival is a leading animation festival in the Nordic region highlighted by the Nordic-Baltic animated short film competition. It is also a professional arena for the animation industry, as well as an important event for students and educational institutions within animation, graphic design, and digital media production. Each year the event hosts top animation industry professionals who participate in seminars and lectures.

Out of 141 films submitted this year, 67 films have been chosen for the competition program and will be screened at the event being held October 22 – 25. This year, all Nordic-Baltic countries are represented in the competition program with more than 50% of selections in the short film and student film categories having been directed by women.

“The Nordic-Baltic animation community is a vibrant industry characterized by both high artistic quality and professionalism,” commented festival director, Anders Narverud Moen. “This year's program is strong and shows the diversity and quality of the Nordic-Baltic animation industry.”

The following films have been selected for this year's festival:

Competition program - Nordic-Baltic short films:

  • Cats vs. Progress (Jacob Stålhammar), Sweden
  • Cosmonaut (Kaspar Jancis), Estonia
  • Däncing düplös (Kristian Pedersen), Norway
  • Elsa and the Night (Jöns Mellgren), Sweden
  • Freeze Frame (Soetkin Verstegen), Finland
  • Grandma's Pancakes (Dominyka Adomaitytė, Vykintas Labanauskas), Lithuania
  • Let Go (Star Bazancir), Sweden
  • Mermaid in A Jar (Tomi Malkki aka Malakias), Finland
  • Mother Didn't Know (Anita Killi), Norway
  • Something to Remember (Niki Lindroth von Bahr), Sweden
  • Tales from the Multiverse (Magnus Igland Møller, Mette Tange, Peter Smith), Denmark
  • The assembly – interviews from the middle of everything. Part 2: "Shame, Violence & a Medium-Sized Dick" (Malin Erixon), Sweden
  • The Man and the Head (Nilas Røpke Driessen), Denmark
  • The Tomten and the Fox (Yaprak Morali, Are Austnes), Norway
  • The Wings (Riho Unt), Estonia
  • Transformation-Pro Ali On an Adventure (Sofie Edvardsson), Sweden
  • What Time Is? (Niina Suominen), Finland
  • Winter in the Rainforest (Anu-Laura Tuttelberg), Estonia, Lithuania
  • Yes-People (Gísli Darri Halldórsson), Iceland
  • Zara and the Others - Miss Miss (Bjørn Sortland, Nils Johan Lund), Norway

Competition program - Nordic-Baltic student films:

  • 100,000 Acres of Pine (Jennifer Alice Wright), Denmark
  • Amends (Mikkel Battefeld), Denmark
  • eh (Konrad Hjemli), Norway
  • Hijack 139 (Joachim Berg, Sondre Johre), Norway
  • Night Shift (Linda Stūre), Latvia
  • Oh Say Can You See? (Noam Sussman), Estonia
  • Pandiculation (Jakob Eiring, Konrad Hjemli), Norway
  • Pearl Diver (Margrethe Danielsen), Norway
  • Room with a Sea View (Leonid Shmelkov), Estonia
  • Shergar (Cora Mckenna), Denmark
  • Something Witchy (Arielle Demilecamps), Norway
  • Sommerregen (Oscar Jacobson, Julia Skala), Germany
  • Swarming Symphony (Elle Frankenberg, August Florén), Sweden
  • Touché (Sofja Gorelova), Estonia

Competition program - Nordic-Baltic commissioned films:

  • Anis Don Demina - Naken (feat. Timbuktu) (Officiell Musikvideo) (William Eklöf Naderi), Sweden
  • Avhengighet (Bjarne Anmarkrud), Norway
  • Boy Pablo – Feeling Lonely (Julian Vargas), Norway
  • Chocolate EU (Sverre Fredriksen), Netherlands
  • DOA 2019 - (Departementets Omreisende Animasjonsfestival) (Ole Magnus Saxegård, John Christian Ferner Apalnes), Norway
  • Ernæring og diabetes (Stian Sollid Sydsæter), Norway
  • Extra – Døgnåen (Ole Magnus Saxegård), Norway
  • FOR - Supporting Audiovisual Authors (Kim Holm), Norway
  • Forbrukerland (Bjarne Anmarkrud), Norway
  • Frames for Future (Bjarne Drageset Anmarkrud), Norway
  • Freia – Oppfinnerkontoret (Martin Engh), Norway
  • Gardener & Bumblebee (Ignas Meilunas), Lithuania
  • Gnist: en musikalsk anastrofe (Linda Fagerli Sæthren, Arne Berggren), Norway
  • Grandiosa - Frossen Kjærlighet (Martin Engh), Norway
  • Henther (Morten Marius Apenes), Norway
  • Homecoming Queen (Jenny Jokela), United Kingdom
  • Julen er magisk (Stian Johansen), Norway
  • Mannen som falt (Kristian Pedersen), Norway
  • Not Like the Others (Andreas Emil Lund), Norway
  • OsloMet – Teams (Magne Hage), Norway
  • Peili: Rauhanpiippu (Erkki Rämet), Finland
  • Plask (Netron AS), Norway
  • PWC - Se helheten i detaljene (Ole Magnus Saxegård), Norway
  • Regnskogsfondet – Soyaproduksjon (Ole Magnus Saxegård), Norway
  • Selvforstyrrelser (Julian Nazario Vargas), Norway
  • Sparks - One for the Ages (Chintis Lundgren), Estonia
  • Sterkere sammen (Endre Skandfer), Norway
  • Stortinget – DEMO (Ronald Kabíček, Magne Hage), Norway
  • TIFF 2020 (Torgeir Holm), Norway
  • Tittei og 3d animasjon i Minibarna (Rune Røsting), Norway
  • TONO (Morten Marius Apenes), Norway
  • Ugly History: Japanese American Incarceration Camps (Lizete Upīte), Latvia
  • Utøyastudien (Steph Hope,Trist og Traurig), Norway

Source: Fredrikstad Animation Festival