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OddBot Partners with Tails of Whimsy on ‘Mackie McKeens’

Los Angeles-based animation studio options ‘The Mighty Machines of Mackie McKeens,’ from author & illustrator Daryl Slaton to develop the property as an animated television series

LOS ANGELES -- OddBot, Inc. has optioned The Mighty Machines of Mackie McKeens from the Art of Daryl Slaton LLC, best known as Tails of Whimsy, to develop the property as an animated television series. Aimed at kids 2-6, The Mighty Machines of Mackie McKeens is about an imaginative bear named Mackie, his sister, Mika and their helper Mini-bots. Together they create fantastic inventions and machines in a playful learning laboratory to help solve the comic dilemmas of Citytown.

“We had an instant connection in both the art style and content of “Mackie McKeens,” said OddBot president, Chris Hamilton. “Our goal is to develop a series that encourages creative problem solving via Mackie’s fanciful tinkering. In his laboratory he combines everyday objects to build new, out-of-this-world inventions and machines.”

“OddBot has a solid reputation producing children’s animation,” commented artist/writer Daryl Slaton. “We like OddBot’s approach to developing new content, and share their culture of creating engaging and positive programming for kids of all ages.”

OddBot is an Emmy-nominated animation production company based in Los Angeles. They have produced for Disney, Warner Brothers, Sprout, American Greetings and DreamWorksTV. OddBot specializes in character-branded and original shorts, TV series, commercials, interactive books, mobile apps and more.

Tails of Whimsy is a creative content provider headed by author/illustrator Daryl Slaton, who has created characters for Fortune 500 companies, tourist attractions, animation, licensing and publishing. The company has launched four new IP’s at Licensing Expo, KidScreen and Book Expo America in the last few years, with new deals currently in the works.

Source: OddBot Inc.