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NVIDIA Studio Highlights Nourhan Ismail’s ‘Creator by Day, Gamer by Night’

Self-taught 3D artist’s isometric art style features colors and intriguing details reflecting childhood influences; with Adobe After Effects and Blender, she begins crafting with just a single room.

This week, the NVIDIA Studio blog highlighted the work of the talented self-taught 3D artist Nourhan Ismail and shared her creation of a literal NVIDIA Studio called Creator by Day, Gamer by Night. Her piece is built with Adobe After Effects and Blender in the isometric art style with rich, vibrant colors and intriguing details,

For Creator by Day, Gamer by Night, Ismail began with 3D sketching in Blender. Blender Cycles RTX-accelerated OptiX ray tracing in the viewport with her GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPU provided smooth movement in the viewport for the whole creative process. She made final touch-ups in post-production with Adobe After Effects. Over 30+ GPU-accelerated effects sped up the process considerably and allowed her to complete the project with time to spare.

Ismail’s creative journey began at a young age as a form of escapism from the armed conflict in her native Syria. During this time, Ismail’s family suffered many difficulties, including losing their home.

Reflecting on the impact of her early experiences, Ismail describes the how and why of her creations.

“Starting with a single room, I delve into interior design, crafting spaces that reflect the comfort and joy I yearned for during challenging times,” shared Ismail. “To me, overcoming adversity proves that even from the harshest circumstances, beauty can emerge.”

She added, “Posting my works became a personal gauge of improvement — not for validation, but as a record of my learning curve.”

NVIDIA Studio Sessions YouTube miniseries led by Ismail features the same art style. In it, she provides step-by-step tutorials on creating a low-poly bedroom, from inception to final render.

Watch: Creating Low Poly Bedroom in Blender w/ Nourhan Ismail Part 1: Beginning Modeling & Lighting

Visit the NVIDIA Studio blog to learn more about Ismail’s creations, their origins and methods.

Source: NVIDIA

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