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NVIDIA Holoscan for Media Now Available

The software-defined platform helps developers in broadcast and streaming deliver AI-enabled media solutions.

NVIDIA has announced the release of its new software-defined platform, NVIDIA Holoscan for Media, which lets developers build live media applications, optimize them with AI, and then deploy across media platforms, offering a streamlined approach to development in live media. Details of the newly announced platform are available in the NVIDIA blog post “Broadcasting Breakthroughs: NVIDIA Holoscan for Media.

Here are some highlights:

NVIDIA Holoscan for Media offers a new approach to development in live media.

  • The simplified application development uses an internet protocol (IP)-based, cloud-native architecture not constrained to dedicated hardware, environments, or locations.
  • It integrates open-source and ubiquitous technologies and streamlines application delivery.
  • Software-defined video can be deployed on the same software stack as AI applications, including generative AI-based tools.

Since the platform is cloud-native, the same architecture can run independently of location, whether in the cloud or on-premises. In addition, it’s not tied to a specific device, field-programmable gate array or appliance.

The Holoscan for Media architecture included services:

  • Authentication, logging, and security.
  • Features help users migrate to IP-based technologies, including the SMPTE ST 2110 transport protocol, the precision time protocol for timing and synchronization, and the NMOS controller and registry for dynamic device management.

Early adopters of the technology, including ASG, Beamr, Comprimato, Lawo, Media.Monks, Pebble, RED Digital Cinema, Sony Corporation, and Telestream are among the early adopters already transforming live media with Holoscan for Media.

“By compartmentalizing applications and making them interoperable, Holoscan for Media allows for easy adoption of new innovations from many different companies in one platform,” said Jeff Goodman, vice president of product management at RED Digital Cinema. “It takes much of the integration complexity out of the equation and will significantly increase the pace of innovation. We are very excited to be a part of it.”

“Sony believes NVIDIA Holoscan for Media is one of the paths for promoting next-generation products and services for the industry, allowing the scaling of GPU power as needed,” said Masakazu Murata, senior general manager of media solutions business at Sony Corporation. “Sony has been listening to user voices and continues to develop solutions to exceed customer expectations. Our M2L-X software switcher running on Holoscan for Media demonstrates how customers can operate Sony’s solutions on GPU clusters.”

NVIDIA partners will showcase their use of NVIDIA Holoscan for Media at NAB, an event for the broadcast, media, and entertainment industry, taking place April 13-17 in Las Vegas. Learn more about NVIDIA’s presence at NAB Show, including details on sessions and demos on generative AI, software-defined broadcast, and immersive graphics, here.

Get Access to NVIDIA Holoscan for Media here.

Source: NVIDIA

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