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NVIDIA Demonstrates the Power of Pascal at SIGGRAPH 2016

NVIDIA’s latest GPU architecture boosts ray-tracing and rendering performance and allows artists to manipulate complex designs up to twice as fast as before; VRWorks 360 Video SDK supports real-time 4K workflows.

NVIDIA is bringing Pascal to this week’s SIGGRAPH conference -- the world’s largest event for computer graphics -- where the company is set to show what the power of its latest GPU architecture can do for artists, designers and animators.

  • NVIDIA Pascal-based Quadro P6000 will power the most advanced workstations ever built. With 3,840 cores and an amazing 12 TFlops of computing power, designers will be able to manipulate complex designs up to twice as fast as before.
  • NVIDIA OptiX 4 on NVIDIA DGX-1 enables ray tracing applications to smoothly interact with gigantic film-size scenes greater than 60GB.
  • NVIDIA’s new VRWorks 360 Video SDK that lets VR developers and content creators take video feeds from 4K camera rigs and stitch them into a single 360-degree video in real-time.
  • NVIDIA GPUs will accelerate mental ray, the world’s most popular film-quality renderer.

“Often our artists are working with 50GB or higher datasets,” says Steve May, CTO at Pixar Animation Studios. “The ability to visualize scenes of this size interactively gives our artists the ability to make creative decisions more quickly. We’re looking forward to testing the limits of Pascal and expect the benefits to our workflows to be huge.”

With Pascal users can achieve the fastest GPU rendering possible running or NVIDIA OptiX on DGX-1, the company’s powerful new supercomputer with eight NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU accelerators to operate on gigantic CG scenes over 50GB.

The new NVIDIA Quadro P5000 offers double the memory and is up to 70 percent faster than its predecessor. NVIDIA’s new Pascal-based Quadro provides the GPU horsepower and tools to fluidly interact with the largest, most complex datasets, while seeing the most accurate visualizations of final products. And the new line of Pascal-based products are packed with technologies for VR.

With Iray VR users can easily create highly immersive virtual reality experiences -- all with the physical accuracy of Iray. And NVIDIA’s VRWorks 360 Video SDK lets users capture and broadcast amazing 360 content in real-times.

Finally, the company’s entire NVIDIA Software Developers Kit is now enhanced for Pascal to let developers bring new levels of realism and performance to their applications.

See it at SIGGRAPH

Come to NVIDIA’s SIGGRAPH booth #509 to see a range of Pascal-based offerings that let users tap into the power of incredible 3D modeling performance and interactive ray tracing in their workflows and experience amazing levels of photorealism within VR environments.

Pixar content will be shown running on the DGX-1, fully ray traced with NVIDIA OptiX, at interactive speeds. DGX-1 makes this possible with NVLink technology, which allows the Tesla P100 GPU accelerators to access and combine each other’s memory to enable far larger scenes to run with GPU performance. No more memory swapping or cutting scenes down to fit.

The company will also preview Iray VR technology, which delivers highly immersive virtual reality experiences. Users be able to gain new perspective on their creations by seeing and interacting with them from differing vantage points -- all with the physical accuracy of Iray, NVIDIA’s physically based rendering technology which has proven indispensable for architects, designers and artists.

See a live demo of 4K videos being stitched in real-time with near imperceptible latency with NVIDIA’s VRWorks 360 Video SDK. And catch a sneak peek of the powerful NVIDIA Pascal-based Quadro GPU in a mobile form factor, built to help users tackle the most demanding rendering and VR workloads from any location.


This fall Iray VR will be available as a beta to DGX-1 and Quadro VCA customers, and Pascal-based NVIDIA Quadro GPUs will be available from all leading OEMs and integrators.

The VRworks 360 Video SDK will be released publicly later this year. Register on the VRWorks developer page to get notified as soon as the 360 Video SDK is available for download.

Be sure to attend NVIDIA’s SIGGRAH talks, and follow the latest at the show at #SIGGRAPH2016.

Source: NVIDIA

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