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NVIDIA AI Enterprise 5.0 Now Available

The end-to-end, cloud-native software platform brings generative AI within reach of every business; now includes NVIDIA NIM to speed generative AI application deployment, NVIDIA AI Workbench and the widely used Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

NVIDIA has announced the release of NVIDIA AI Enterprise 5.0, an end-to-end, cloud-native software platform that brings generative AI within reach for every business and delivers high performance and efficient runtime through the latest release.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise includes NVIDIA microservices, such as NVIDIA NIM to speed the deployment of generative AI applications, NVIDIA cuOpt to solve complex routing problems and empower dynamic decision-making, NVIDIA AI Workbench to quickly create, test, and customize pre-trained generative AI models and LLMs on a PC or workstation and new infrastructure management enhancements.

Get the details in the NVIDIA blog announcement “At Your Microservice: NVIDIA Smooths Businesses’ Journey to Generative AI.”

Here are some highlights:

NVIDIA AI Enterprise 5.0 now includes a wide range of microservices:

  • NVIDIA NIM for deploying AI models in production.
  • NVIDIA CUDA-X collection of microservices, including NVIDIA cuOpt, a GPU-accelerated AI microservice for route optimization.

NIM microservices optimize inference for dozens of popular AI models from NVIDIA and its partner ecosystem.

Powered by NVIDIA inference software, including Triton Inference Server, TensorRT, and TensorRT-LLM, NIM significantly reduces and provides security and manageability based on industry standards as well as compatibility with enterprise-grade management tools.

Three other updates in version 5.0:

  • NVIDIA AI Workbench is a developer toolkit for quickly downloading, customizing, and running generative AI projects.
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform is the environment used by most Fortune 500 companies for creating private and public cloud services.
  • Version 5.0 expands support to cover a wide range of the latest NVIDIA GPUs, networking hardware, and virtualization software.

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Source: NVIDIA

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