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NVIDA Announces RTX Acceleration Tech at Adobe Max 2019

New technology supercharges over 40 apps, including Adobe Dimension, Substance Alchemist and Premiere.

Adobe Dimension makes 3D easy and accessible for graphic designers.

NVIDIA has announced that its RTX acceleration technology is now supercharging over 40 top creative apps including Adobe Dimension, Substance Alchemist and Premiere. Now available to users is access to professional-grade performance from the newest RTX Studio Workstations: BOXX’s APEXX W4L and S3. The announcement was made at Adobe Max in Los Angeles.

Adobe Dimension features a new RTX-accelerated ray-traced renderer, creating an affordable tool for graphic designers and illustrators. Users stepping into 3D with stock assets get instant rendering.

Artists will benefit from Adobe’s Substance Alchemist’s RTX technology, a 3D tool that enables artists to create photorealistic textures. The tool removes the lighting and shadows on photos creating a professional grade texture. Previously time-consuming material creation can be done in seconds.

Substance Alchemist simplifies creating new textures.

The new technology has also come to video with the release of a new GPU-accelerated AI feature in Adobe Premier Pro. Auto Reframe senses the most relevant elements in a video, tracts it and reframes the content for different aspect ratios. These features are useful when viewing video on mobile phones. Social media platforms are increasingly employing more portrait-aspect ratios to maximize viewing on these devices.

Auto Reframe tracks the most relevant elements in a video.

Also, announced was the NVIDIA Studio Driver, which optimizes performance and stability with performance gains in Adobe apps. The driver delivers up to 12 percent performance boosts in top creative apps, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk Arnold, Cinebench and REDCINE-X PRO. It also increases support for OptiX 7 for RTX-accelerated ray tracing in Blender Cycles 2.81 Alpha.

Two professional-grade workstations have joined the RTX Studio family: BOXX’s APEXX W4L and APEXX S3. The W4L is configurable with up to four Quadro RTX 8000 GPUs that carry 192GB of VRAM, 768GB of system memory and Intel Xeon W processors. Together, the RTX laptops and desktops paired with SDKs and Studio Drivers are providing creators with unprecedented processing speeds.

Source: NVIDIA