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Numtums Comes to CBeebies

‘Numtums’, a brand new animated/live-action CBeebies series, is set to air Monday, 27th February.

Press Release from Beakus

We are happy to announce broadcast dates for 'Numtums', a brand new CBeebies series we have been busy animating!

From Monday 27th February 2012 'Numtums' will be broadcast twice a day, at 9am and 1pm on CBeebies in the UK as part of the 'Love To Learn' cluster of shows.

The animation was produced and directed at Beakus by Steve Smith, designed by Matthias Hoegg,and created in an unusual technique developed by Sylvain Magne that combines 3D and 2D elements. This is Beakus’ first broadcast series, commissioned by CBeebies from a concept by Barry Quinn. The series producer is Lotte Elwell, and exec producer Tony Reed.

'Numtums' is a multi-platform 25x5 minute series that gives young children a foundation in basic numeracy all wrapped in a fun, energetic and irreverent format. Combining a troop of animated Numtums,live-action children and sing-along songs, the series starts with the basics of numeral recognition and then gently moves on to counting objects and identifying amounts in a variety of fun and bonkers scenarios.