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NUKE STUDIO Plugin Now Available in ftrack 3.2

Advanced NUKE STUDIO integration opens up a more streamlined production pipeline.

STOCKHOLM -- Creative project management solution ftrack has officially launched NUKE STUDIO integration for version 3.2 -- the new, simpler way to manage the NUKE to ftrack workflow.

Users can easily set up their ftrack project directly from inside NUKE STUDIO, then pick their workflow and tag shots with appropriate tasks. They can also publish plates with proxy, review movies, and communicate with other users via real-time chat.

“We continually seek technology partners who help create even more efficient pipeline production, which in turn means less time wasted, and more time spent on getting creative,” comments The Foundry CTO Jon Wadelton. “Our collaboration with ftrack marks our initial steps in integrating ftrack 3.2 and NUKE STUDIO, with the ultimate goal of making a more efficient, lightning-fast workflow.”

Key Features:

  • Asset-based workflow: The NUKE STUDIO integration means that artists and producers can access a file-based workflow, but using an intuitive asset-based workflow instead. That means no more hold-ups managing cluttered file systems -- users receive instant, off-the-shelf access to creative project management.
  • Streamlined: Users can set up their ftrack project directly from the NUKE STUDIO timeline. A new project will be created with a review, source and thumbnail. The info view will then display version information for the selected track item in the NUKE STUDIO timeline. Users can also go on to define which task types should be included per clip/shot.
  • Crew tab and chat feature: Users are able to interact with other members via the tools’ chat features, improving communication across projects. Coordinators and producers can look at a shot and communicate with the team members currently working on it. It’s a simple and effective way of ensuring everyone is completely in sync, breaking down the pipeline bottlenecks that occur due to lack of synchronisation.

“With the new asset-based workflow between NUKE STUDIO and ftrack 3.2, users will benefit from smooth, off-the-shelf access to their project management. Both creatives and producers can easily manage and discuss the shots they're working on without having to leave NUKE STUDIO, which makes for a more intuitive workflow all around. It’s a lightning-fast and seamless setup: users can work at the speed of their creativity,” comments ftrack CEO Fredrik Limsäter. “We wanted to get NUKE STUDIO integration into the hands of our users as quickly as possible, so expect more developments and enhancements still to come over the next few months.”

New Adoptions

ftrack has thousands of users around the globe, working across a wide range of high-end creative industries. The platform has recently been picked up by a number of high-profile studios, including Luma Pictures -- creators of VFX for films such as Ant-Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy -- who has purchased a site license of the solution. Other recent adopters include Glassworks and Wildbytes.

Source: ftrack

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