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Ntropic's Brambilla Creates 3D Video Installation

Ntropic’s Marco Brambilla newest 3D video installation, “Creation (Megaplex)” opens at the Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery in New York.

When Video Artist Marco Brambilla’s newest 3D video installation opened in Los Angeles in the fall, it met with rave reviews in the LA art scene. The last and third installation in a trilogy, Creation (Megaplex), opens in New York this week at the Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery with an artist’s reception this evening from 6-8 pm.

Creation (Megaplex) continues to showcase Brambilla’s unique and innovative talent. Drawing from an array of pop cultural sources in order to re-contextualize century old histories, Brambilla's films challenge the standards of both art and film. The third in a trilogy of 3D videos that started with Civilization (Megaplex), 2008, and Evolution (Megaplex), 2010, Creation (Megaplex), 2012,presents a spectacular cinematic composition that culls from a vast archive of iconic Hollywood films. Set within the form of a giant DNA helix, Brambilla takes the viewer on a spiraling trajectory that begins with a big bang and continues through embryonic inception, idyllic, Eden-like bliss and decadence. The elaborate succession finally culminates in a state of super-saturation, where structure implodes and interminably re-invents itself to begin again as an erupting point in space. Digitally assembled images generate a hyper-realistic landscape of clouds, meadows and burning cityscapes, against which humanity oscillates between a frenzied production and consumption of its own creation. With each cycle of the work, Brambilla’s video engulfs the viewer in an overload of imagery almost impossible to sustain.

Ntropic Creative Director/Founder Nate Robinson, contributed to this project by working with the Artist to complete Brambilla’s 3D creative vision. The Ntropic team designed an internal digital rotoscoping pipeline, which could handle the enormous number of video clips, 1500 in all, for the project. Robinson notes that Ntropic approached Creation (Megaplex) in sections, in order to address the sheer volume of 3D elements. “Looking back, I know this project is going to be a big highlight in my career,” he concludes. “It was a true art project that allowed Ntropic and me to make a creative contribution that really took it to a whole new level. I’m thrilled with the results and wish Marco the best of luck and continued success with the exhibit as it takes on the art scene in New York.”

"Nate has a unique combination of creative and technical skill,” says Brambilla. “He and his team were able to deal with the immense challenges of such a dense and complex work, while giving it a sense of fluid continuity throughout the process."

Source: Ntropic