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Not To Scale Creates Xtranormal Ad Campaign for Nutmeg

Not To Scale director Matthias Hoegg teams with AMV BBDO to create a multi-platform campaign tapping into the quirky humor of the automated videos for online investment management company Nutmeg.

LONDON -- Not To Scale and Matthias Hoegg worked alongside AMV BBDO to create a multi-platform campaign for online investment management company Nutmeg entitled “Just Nutmeg It.” The campaign which includes big print coverage on the London Underground and a 30 second ad builds on the recognizable style and unique quirky humour of the Nawmal automated videos. The film is driven by a dialogue between two characters, one enjoying the simplicity and convenience of investing with Nutmeg, the other battling with the daily chores that come with other types of investment.

The humor of the film comes from the contrast between the emotionally charged lines and their deadpan delivery. Visually the 3D style builds on the charming simplicity and slightly low fi charm of the automated videos which results in a slightly rigid animation style of a 3D world.

“The challenge was to keep the charming low fi simplicity of the original with all the high tech tools at our disposal, less is more. When it came to animating we went through several incarnations, that would become less and less animated every time, taking back some of the shots to a simple well timed blink,” commented Matthias Hoegg.

“The creative inspiration for our first TV ad campaign was driven by our desire to showcase Nutmeg as the smart new way to invest,” added Chief Revenue Officer Martin Stead. “In an industry that is renowned for being complex, expensive, opaque and intimidating, we are very different, and our stand-out advertising style demonstrates this.”

The 30-second TV campaign will air through April 5th on Channel 4 and ITV London regions and on video-on-demand (VOD) and Pre-Roll. It will also be available on Nutmeg’s YouTube channel, and on social media.

Source: Not To Scale