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Nostalgic Horror Flick ‘Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole’ to Begin Filming this Spring

It’s ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ meets ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ as Lilton Stewart III and Lucinda Bruce team up to capture the magic of iconic cartoon characters through the lens of horror.

Lilton Stewart III, award-winning American filmmaker and creator of November 11th Pictures, has teamed with producer Lucinda Bruce on Oswald Down the Rabbit Hole, a film that will capture the magic of iconic cartoon characters through the lens of horror. The feature, described as Who Framed Roger Rabbit meets Nightmare on Elm Street, is set to begin filming in Spring 2024, with an announcement teaser trailer releasing this month.

Oswald follows main character Art and some of his closest friends as they track down his long-lost family lineage. When they find his Great-Grandpa Oswald’s abandoned home, they are transported to a place lost in time, shrouded by dark Hollywood Magic. The group finds that they are not alone when the cartoon Rabbit, a dark entity, comes to life. Art and his friends must work together to escape their magical prison before the Rabbit gets to them first.

“I found my inspiration for Oswald’s rabbit from the cartoon ‘Oswald Trolley Troubles’ and saw it as an opportunity to take a horrific spin on a character that could spark some nostalgia among its audience,” Stewart III said. “I was inspired by a few other films that dipped their toe into this new way of storytelling by having some of these characters turn to the dark side and am excited to debut my own adaptation of this.”

“I am thrilled to be teaming up with Lilton for such a unique spin on things in the horror space,” added Bruce. “Being a part of a first-of-its-kind film like this one is an honor and I can't wait to showcase what we have in store for the movie.”

Much like Pooh, Tigger, and Mickey Mouse, the Oswald character entered the public domain on January 1, 2023. Originally owned by Disney, control of the cartoon rabbit shifted to Universal in 1928, leading to the creation of Mickey Mouse to compensate for the loss. Nothing says ‘copyright expiration’ like a horror reimagining! 

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