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Noise Industries Introduces Tokyo PiPinator to FxFactory

Noise Industries introduces Tokyo PiPinator, which brings advanced but simple-to-use Picture-in-Picture functionality to FCP X, without the need for keyframes.

Boston, MA -- Noise Industries introduces Tokyo PiPinator to FxFactory. An advanced but simple-to-use picture-in-picture effect, PiPinator brings the power of menu-driven animation and a wealth of useful features exclusively to Final Cut Pro X. Editors can create elegant and original composites without the need for keyframing. Tokyo PiPinator is available now through FxFactory.

Key Features of Tokyo PiPinator:

  • Many Options to Choose From: Tokyo PiPinator can be found in the FCP X Effects library and comes with five modules to choose from, making it easy to find the ideal set-up for any animation.
  • Build Elaborate Composites: While the effect is perfect for single image picture-in-picture animation, it’s very easy to use multiple layers of the effect to build up elaborate composites.
  • Maximum Control Means Maximum Creativity: With Tokyo PiPinator, editors have maximum control over every aspect of the effect, combined with the maximum ease of use, so they can spend time being creative – without having to worry about keyframes.
  • So Easy to Use: Changes are quick to make and equally quick to fine tune, whether it’s motion path, scaling, rotation, cropping, image offset, border, drop shadow, reflection and more. You design – PiPinator takes care of the rest.

Source: Noise Industries