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Noggin Nods Yes On Four New Toons

Noggin, the new network from Nickelodeon and the Children's Television Workshop, has announced it has greenlit three new animated series. The new projects will converge the educational opportunities of the Internet and TV and target the higher end of the channel's demographic of kids 6 to 12. Two of the projects will be produced by SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK creator, Geomar Philms. The first, THE MARTAINS ARE COMING! THE MARTAINS ARE COMING!, will follow a time-traveling rock band who will draw connections between seemingly unrelated events in history like science and literature. The second, SO WHAT!, is an animated musical vignette series, which investigates new technological advances that have been in nature for centuries. For instance, the series will look at how submarine sonar is similar to that of bats. From first-time creator Phaedra Kirvu Brown, SMASH HEADS follows the mishaps of the Baxter family after a meteorite crash transformed the left brainers of the family into right brainers and visa versa. The final project, CRUTCH AND PLUNKETT'S ROADHOUSE FANFARE, is a mixed media and animated production. The first-time creators, Josh and Adam, are also the writers, directors, animators and every human character on the series. The show will bring real-life relevance to things kids learn in school with demonstrations, animation and man on the street interviews.

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