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Nimble Collective Goes Pro with Nimble Studio

Industry’s first end-to-end cloud-based platform for commercial studios and enterprise animation production available September 4.

VANCOUVER -- Timed with SIGGRAPH 2018, Nimble Collective, a company that is aiming to revolutionize the animation industry by offering studio-level capabilities without the costly infrastructure, has announced the launch of Nimble Studio, a cloud-based animation platform for commercial studios and enterprise animation production.

Following an extensive beta and early access program, Nimble Studio will be released for general availability on September 4, 2018.

As the animation industry migrates to the cloud, animation teams of all sizes are looking for new efficiencies and collaborative tools that work effortlessly and seamlessly in the cloud. Backed by the power of the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services hyperscale infrastructures -- with their industry-leading MPAA security and scalability -- Nimble Studio is an ideal solution for commercial studios and enterprise animation production.

“The animation industry is booming and there’s an insatiable desire for new content,” said Nimble Collective co-founder and CEO Rex Grignon. “We’re giving commercial studios and enterprises a complete platform that provides gorgeous artist workflow with studio-level scalability to handle the high demand. This is truly a game-changer for the industry and shatters significant barriers for studios to spin up cloud-based animation teams and produce high-quality animated content - more cost-effectively than ever before.”

Nimble Collective is also in the final stages of acquiring and integrating RGB Notes, a professional time-based media review system which enables users to securely share files, draw and animate within the browser, conduct advanced video navigation, keyframing and text notation, and more. Professional studios thrive on tight cycles of reviews and feedback, and, with the integration of RGB Notes, Nimble is offering a complete enterprise studio level platform with a rich time-based annotation tool.

Nimble will host in-depth product demonstrations of Nimble Studio for television and feature film production in the Microsoft Azure Booth #620 at SIGGRAPH 2018.

“Nimble Studio is an exciting step forward for animation and VFX. The future is remote, cloud-based solutions where borders and time zones are no longer barriers. Shomen Productions is 100 percent remote. We ramp up our team through Zerply and run our productions on Nimble. It’s an end-to-end solution that will be the production model of the future,” said James Bennett, CEO, Shomen Productions & Zerply.

The Nimble Studio platform is ready for professional/commercial studio adoption. Nimble Studio includes breakthrough new functionality such as hybrid workflow (for local and/or offline capability), streaming virtual workstations, access to asset management, versioning, time-based annotation, elastic cloud rendering, customizable pipeline, and integration with Autodesk Shotgun asset management.

Source: Nimble Collective