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Nimble Collective Announces Collaborative Exploration with Pixar’s RenderMan

Collaboration will provide a step-by-step training solution for users anywhere to quickly learn RenderMan via Nimble Collective’s cloud-based platform.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Virtual studio platform Nimble Collective is exploring a collaboration with Pixar’s RenderMan team to extend the delivery of RenderMan training to users via Nimble Collective's collaborative, cloud-based platform. The two firms are working on providing a step-by-step training solution to enable users anywhere in the world to quickly learn and begin using RenderMan to create images. By offering pre-crafted projects and interactive training modules, Nimble Collective will provide a smooth, fast learning curve for RenderMan users.

 “We are thrilled to offer RenderMan as part of our cloud platform,” said Nimble Collective co-founder and head of content Jason Schleifer. “It’s such a well-respected rendering solution, and getting users up to speed quickly is extremely valuable. We are in a great position to support RenderMan users so that they can get the most out of its boundless capabilities.”

The Nimble Collective Virtual Studio Platform is up-ending the animation industry by giving business clients and creators the advanced tools they need to produce animated projects without requiring the backing of a multimillion dollar studio setting.

Source: Nimble Collective

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