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Nick's Neutron Feature Adds Voices

Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures have tapped top Hollywood actors to voice characters in their upcoming 3D animated feature, JIMMY, NEUTRON: BOY GENIUS. Patrick Stewart (STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION) and Martin Short (INNER SPACE) have signed on to voice characters for the film. The film will chronicle Jimmy's journey into space as he attempts to rescue all the parents from his town who have been kidnapped by the alien Yokians. The feature will start production under the direction of John Davis in January. The scheduled release date is holidays 2001. The voice cast will also include Debi Derryberry (BABE, LADY & THE TRAMP II) as Jimmy and Emmy-winner Rob Paulsen (PINKY & THE BRAIN) as Jimmy's best friend Carl Weezer. Steve Oedekerk will produce the feature through his production house O Entertainment along with producers Paul Marshal and Gina Shay. Nick plans to turn JIMMY into a franchise starting with animated shorts in January, a Website in July and a TV series starting the fall of 2002.

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