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Nickelodeon Releases ‘The Loud House’ Digital Album

15-song ‘Really Loud Music’ album includes every song from rock opera episode, which encores this Saturday and Sunday.

Today, Nickelodeon’s The Loud House gets much, much louder with the release of “Really Loud Music,” a 15-song digital album featuring all of the songs from the rock opera episode of the same name.  Available today, fans can sing along to the songs performed by Lincoln, Luna, Lynn, and all of the Loud siblings, even Mom and Dad.  “Really Loud Music” is available on all streaming platforms, downloads excluded.

The episode “Really Loud Music” will encore on Nickelodeon Sat., April 11, at 5:00 p.m. (ET/PT) and Sun., April 12, at 6:30 p.m. (ET/PT) and on Nicktoons Sat., April 11, at 11:00 p.m. (ET/PT).  During the episode, hoping to win a song-writing contest, Luna contemplates whether she should go with a song that’s true to her sound or try to make something that the whole world will love.  A “Play it Loud” music video is available on the official The Loud House and The Casagrandes YouTube channel.

Album Title: Really Loud Music

Artist: The Loud House

Song list:

  1. Play It Loud
  2. Best Thing Ever
  3. Toilet Jam
  4. Glam Song
  5. Song of Silence
  6. Get Pumped
  7. Periodic Table Rap
  8. Lori2Leni
  9. Luan's Laugh Parade
  10. That's Our Kinda Song
  11. Best Buds
  12. Changing Luna
  13. What Everybody Wants
  14. What Have I Done?
  15. Play It Loud (Reprise)

The Loud House animated series was recently greenlit for a fifth season and new episodes continue to air on Nickelodeon. The series also won Emmy Awards for Outstanding Children’s Animated Series and Outstanding Writing for an Animated Program in 2018.

The Loud House debuted May 2016 on Nickelodeon and centers on 11-year-old Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters as he gives an inside look at what it takes to survive the chaos of a huge family.  In addition to the series, the property also has been translated into a comic book series, which continues to roll out new stories and a podcast, Listen Out Loud. Two seasons of Listen Out Loud are currently available with a third coming soon. The series is executive produced by Michael Rubiner. Karen Malach serves as producer and Kyle Marshall is supervising producer.

Source: Nickelodeon