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Nickelodeon opens animation studio in New York

Nickelodeon is opening a new animation studio in New York City at 1515 Broadway which will be knownas Nickelodeon Animation Studio New York (NASNY). The digital animationstudio and development laboratory will open in October, although the movehas already taken place. Among the series that will be produced at the newstudio will be BLUE'S CLUES, LITTLE BILL, and GARBAGE BOY, a new weeklysegment for KABLAM!. The studio will house 140 employees including 70animators/digital designers. All phases of production other thanvoice-overs will be handled in-house. NASNY will complement Nick Digital,Nickelodeon's animation studio which is also at 1515 Broadway, Viacom's NewYork headquarters. Nick Digital serves as the high-end special effectshouse (using 3D and 2D animation) as well as research and developmentfacility for Nickelodeon On-Air, VH-1, MTV, and Nick International.