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Nickelodeon Launches Pop Culture Dashboard for Kids

Nickelodeon is launching a brand-new pop culture online dashboard for kids with, an online home base for kids to share, vote, poll and post about what they are buzzing about at school or on the playground. allows kids to be their own content providers, programming directors, distributors and news aggregators around topics such as television, movies, music, gaming, celebrities, sports, the web, and more.

UPickDaily will evolve daily to reflect the rapidly changing interests of kids. On the site, kids can submit or take quizzes and polls, or post, read and comment on what they like -- or dislike -- the most. Kid-friendly videos and photos will be pulled from the web and matched to posts by topic. Kids can tag, share, blog, vote or "pick" a particular piece of content, and UPickDaily will surface the hottest picks on a continuous basis -- either in the "featured" section or in "U Top 5". All content on UPickDaily is moderated on a 24/7 basis to make it a fun, safe environment for kids.

Sample kid-created content on the site includes:

-- Post: Chris Brown Rocks!-- Poll: What's better, basketball, gymnastics or cheerleading?-- Poll: Which superhero movie do you like better?-- Quiz: Hairspray Trivia Quiz-- Quiz: Ultimate Vanessa Hudgens Quiz