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Nick Shares All-New ‘Peppa Pig’ Holiday Lineup

To put some “Pep” in your holiday step, new episodes of the hit series premiere every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday December 5-23.

’Tis the season to sprinkle some “Pep” in your holiday step! New episodes of Peppa Pig will premiere every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on Nick Jr. at 7:00 PM ET/PT December 5-23. 

Check out the upcoming episodes:  

  • “Grandpa’s Christmas Present” - December 5
    Father Christmas delivers a wonderful present for Grandpa Pig-- a toy flying machine. He flies it around the garden with Peppa and George having lots of fun. But when the battery runs low the flying machine is automatically set to return home, and unfortunately, the setting is Father Christmas’ home. Grandpa wonders if he will ever see his flying machine again.
  • “Parachute Games” - December 5
    Peppa has fun playing parachute games at playgroup.
  • “Flying Discs” - December 6
    Peppa learns how to throw and catch flying discs in the park.
  • “Kiddie Workout” - December 7
    Mr. Potato leads the playgroup in a fun musical workout.
  • “Monkey Trees” - December 8
    Peppa visits an adventure park.
  • “Families” - December 12
    The children draw pictures of their families.
  • “Charity Shop” - December 13
    Peppa, George and Daddy Pig visit the Charity Shop.
  • “Hippies” - December 14
    A long time ago, Granny and Grandpa were hippies.
  • “Little Cars” - December 15
    Peppa visits the Little Cars play center.
  • “The Owl” - December 19
    Grandpa Pig builds a special bird watching hut.
  • “The Apple Tree” - December 20
    Peppa and family enjoy their garden apple tree all year round.
  • “The Big Hill Bug Hotel” - December 21
    Grandpa Pig shows Peppa and George his special ‘Bug Hotel.’
  • “Grandpa Pig’s Greenhouse” - December 23
    Grandpa Pig and Grandad Dog show their greenhouses to Peppa and George.

The Peppa Pig voice cast includes Amelie Bea Smith as Peppa Pig; Alice May and Vincent van Hulzen as George Pig; Richard Ridings as Daddy Pig; Morwenna Banks as Mummy Pig; David Graham as Grandpa Pig; Frances White as Granny Pig; and Alexander Armstrong as Father Christmas.

Neville Astley, Mark Baker, Joris van Hulzen, and Sarah Roper direct. Olivier Dumont and Phil Davies serve as executive producers with Hannah Lee Miller as producer. Writers include Astley; Baker; Philip Hall; Sam Morrison; and Matilda Tristram.  Music is by Julian Nott with “Peppa Song" vocals by Lily Snowden-Fine.

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