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Nick Jr. Kicks Off ‘Peppa Pig’ Season 10

American-British actress Sandra Dickinson voices Granny Sheep, joining the franchise’s first multigenerational household; all 13 episodes roll out next month during the month-long ‘Peppa’s Holiday Pep-tacular.’ 

Hasbro, Inc. announced the return of Peppa, her family, and friends with 13 all-new Season 10 episodes of Peppa Pig premiering on the Nick Jr. Channel December 4 at 7 p.m. EST. New on the scene is Granny Sheep, voiced by American-British actress Sandra Dickinson, who moves in with Suzy Sheep and Mummy Sheep, joining the series’ first multigenerational household.

Nick Jr.’s month-long “Peppa’s Holiday Pep-tacular," features the roll out of all new episodes, with the series airing weekdays, Monday through Friday, beginning December 4 through December 21.

Episodes include:

  • “Grandpa’s Robot:” Grandpa Pig has built a robot to help with household tasks. The robot can dig holes and help carry drinks and Grandpa Pig!
  • “Paper Games:” Madame Gazelle is teaching the children things to do with paper. They learn origami, games, and paper animation.
  • “Clouds:” Peppa and her family are at the seaside, but clouds keep blocking the sun and making it rain!
  • “Mr. Bull Digs Up the River:” Grandpa Pig is taking Peppa and George on a boat trip. They meet Mr. Bull, who is digging up the river with his digger boat, removing everything that shouldn’t be there (like plastic bottles) and making the river nice for the fish to swim in.
  • “Granny Sheep Moves In:” Granny Sheep is moving into Suzy Sheep’s house! She is going to stay in the attic. When she arrives, she moves the furniture and replaces different ornaments. Mummy Sheep is very surprised to find everything out of order when she gets home!
  • “Cardboard Boxes:” It is a rainy day, and Granny Sheep plays with Peppa and Suzy in the garden. They decide to make things out of cardboard boxes and build a hospital, a biscuit factory, and a station.
  • “Clubhouse Takeaway:” Peppa and her friends are at the clubhouse playing pretend takeaway. The children give themselves different roles, including a cook and waiter. Once the pretend food is ready, they have a great time serving it to the parents.
  • “Walkie Talkies:” Peppa and George are at Granny and Grandpa Pig’s house. They play with walkie-talkies, and Grandpa Pig teaches them to use code names to talk to each other.
  • “Peppa’s Office:” Peppa is watching Mummy and Daddy Pig working in their office at home. She decides that she would like an office to work in, too. Mummy Pig sets Peppa up with a little desk, chair, pen, and paper in the cupboard under the stairs. It is very cramped, but Peppa loves it like this!
  • “Little Swift:” It’s a very windy day, and Peppa and her family are flying a kite when they find a little bird on the ground. Peppa and her family take the bird to Doctor Hamster, and the little bird is called a swift.
  • “What Babies Do:” Peppa and her family are driving to Cousin Chloe’s house. Aunty Pig teaches Peppa all about babies and even lets Peppa feed Baby Alexander. Everybody loves Baby Alexander!
  • “Lenses:” Peppa accidentally hands Penny and Pedro the wrong glasses, and they can’t see very well. Madame Gazelle tells them the importance of lenses and how they are used in all sorts of things!
  • “Igloo:” It is a snowy day, and Peppa and George are playing in the garden. Daddy Pig helps them build their very own igloo. Penny Polar Bear comes to visit and is very impressed!

Peppa Pig is a British animated preschool television series that has become a successful brand worldwide. The series focuses on the life of Peppa, her family, and her diverse community of friends. The show encourages kids to learn and explore the world around them and “see every first step as a new adventure, from every day to the epic.”

A cultural icon, Peppa Pig has been airing for almost 20 years, across nine seasons in over 180 territories as of 2023.

Source: Hasbro

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