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Nexus Studios Signs Encyclopedia Pictura

Leading indie animation studio inks deal with LA-based directorial collective to expand its work in creative branded content; the group's credits include the ‘Wanderlust’ promo for Björk, the animated short ‘Earth Crisis,’ and ‘Fly Robot Fly’ for Ikea.

Nexus Studios, a leading independent film and animation studio (see their recent Patrick Osborne/Billie Eilish project for Disney+), has signed directorial collective Encyclopedia Pictura, a film and animation group based in Los Angeles, led by directors Isaiah Saxon, Daren Rabinovitch, and Sean Hellfritsch. The collective has built a unique body of work across a variety of mediums, blending a range of techniques across a variety of projects, from surreal mixed media music promos to detailed 3D universes for short films and commercials.

Their portfolio includes the 2D animated short Earth Crisis, the spot Fly Robot Fly for IKEA and the critically acclaimed promo for Björk, Wanderlust. They are also behind the artful and surreal promo exploring the rise and fall of relationships for Dirty Projectors, Up in Hudson, and the 2D animated music video, Panda Bear for Boys Latin. The latter takes viewers on an epic journey of discovery in celebration of the wonders of nature.

“Uniquely collaborative, socially minded, visually incomparable, Encyclopedia Pictura are set to burn brightly to the largest of audiences and we’re delighted to be working with them into branded content,” shared Nexus Studios founder and executive creative director Christopher O'Reilly.

Source: Nexus Studios