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Nexus Director Nicolas Ménard Unveils Ray-Ban Collaboration

Running December 16-30 in New York City, 30-second looping animation celebrating the eyewear brand will be projected on to the sides of two prominent buildings on Lafayette and Columbus Circle.

Nexus director Nicolas Ménard has created a vibrant animated projection in collaboration with Ray-Ban in New York City.

Running December 16-30, the 30-second looping animation will be projected on to the sides of two prominent buildings in Manhattan -- one on Lafayette and the other on Columbus Circle -- to celebrate the eyewear brand.

“Ray-Ban approached Nexus after seeing my work on my website. When a client already has an interest in your work, you're off to a good start,” Ménard commented. “Combining this with an interesting and engaging brief for an iconic brand I dig, that has an open mind and is not afraid to take a risk, made this a fun and exciting project. It was great to pour a lot of passion and energy into this animation; I just had a really good time directing and designing it!”

“Nicolas’ work has a distinctive graphic style which feels unique and global,” said Babak Khoshnoud, Yours Truly Creative Agency LA. “Ray-Ban is a global, design-led brand and as we’re talking to a NY centric audience, with people from all over, it was important to showcase an artist who speaks to a larger audience visually. It was our good fortune that he has a real passion for the Ray-Ban brand.  Plus he just makes cool stuff.”

Source: Nexus

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