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NextComputing's Portable Laptop Monitors Bring Viewing on the Go

NextComputing, manufacturer of high-performance portable computers and display solutions, announces a new portable monitor for laptop users who require multiple high-resolution displays.

Press Release from NextComputing

NASHUA, N.H. – September 22, 2011 – NextComputing, manufacturer of high-performance portable computers and display solutions, announces a new portable monitor for laptop users who require multiple high-resolution displays. The ViewPort 17-inch LED backlit monitor provides a second or third monitor that can connect to any laptop, offering an enhanced viewing and productivity experience for mobile professionals or for any laptop “power user” who needs multiple displays on the go.

NextComputing discovered there were many areas in which other mobile monitors fell short, especially for high-end laptop users such as engineers, creative professionals, and military or government customers. Seeing this need in the market, NextComputing designed the ViewPort portable monitor to be truly distinctive in several key areas, including:

    * Full HD resolution (1920x1200) WUXGA+ display, making it the highest resolution portable laptop monitor available    * High color-depth, 8-bit (16.7 million colors) LED backlit display offering true-to-life visuals for demanding creative professionals. This makes ViewPort the perfect complement to high-end laptops like the Apple MacBook Pro, HP EliteBook or Dell Precision M6600 mobile workstation.    * Rugged aluminum alloy housing designed withstand continuous use on the road    * Convenient and comfortable leather carrying handle, enabling ViewPort to be easily moved around for transport and setup    * Fully adjustable height and tilt angle, allowing users to match the height and angle of their monitor to their laptop display    * Designed and manufactured in the United States with US-based support

The ViewPort portable laptop monitor is available either as a single monitor with handle included or as a pair for users who need three total displays including their laptop. When used alone, the monitor comes with a protective aluminum alloy LCD cover to prevent scratches during transport. When used as a pair, the second monitor attaches to the first monitor facing inward. This not only protects the two LCDs from damage, but allows both monitors to be carried with a single handle, much like a briefcase.

Most current laptops have an output for an additional monitor, and some high-end laptops even allow for two additional displays with no additional hardware*. For laptops that are limited to a single secondary display, NextComputing bundles the Matrox DualHead2Go™ external multi-monitor adapter. Lastly, NextComputing’s includes its own high quality travel bag in order to make traveling with the ViewPort and one’s laptop as convenient as possible. The travel bag has separate compartments for the ViewPort monitors and a laptop, and comes with a comfortable shoulder strap and pockets for various cables, adapters, and other accessories.

The ViewPort portable monitor kits are available today from NextComputing and its authorized distributors. Pricing starts at $1,490 for a single monitor kit with travel bag. For more details and pricing, please inquire at +1-603-886-3874 or visit www.nextcomputing/viewport.

Web resolution product images: resolution product images:

* Laptops with native triple display capability are limited to those that support AMD EyeFinity™ technology. Visit AMD’s website for more details:

About NextComputingBased in Nashua, NH, NextComputing is a unique technology company specializing in extreme-performance portable computers and display solutions. Its open-standards, modular systems are used throughout many industries for a range of professional applications including real-time 3D visualization, high-throughput data streaming, and high-end application demonstration. Visit for more information.

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