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New Tween Animated Series My Life Me Greenlighted

TV-Loonland and Canadian-based company, CarpeDiem Film & TV will start production on their new animated series MY LIFE ME (52x11). Canadian kids broadcaster, Teletoon Canada and French broadcasters, France 2 and Canal J, are backing this co-production. TV-Loonland will handle all international distribution rights in all media including L&M.

The project was co-created by J.C. Little, Cindy Filipenko and rising manga star Svetlana Chmakova, who found success with the top selling Tokyopop comic book hit DRAMACON.

MY LIFE ME is a fast-paced and visually inventive animated comedy aimed at kids ages 8 to 12. It is based around four lead characters trying to make sense of tween life. In addition to the witty scripts, the comic situations and the outrageous foibles of the four protagonists, the novelty of MY LIFE ME also comes from the unique animation style.

Produced entirely in digital animation, this series stays true to manga aesthetics using various comic book manga codes and language such as stylish black and white comic book panels dropping behind the characters to express their suppressed feelings on screen. This novel approach adds an extra layer to the narrative and comedy.

Further developed as a lifestyle brand, there will be an licensing and merchandising program to support the brand with a strong emphasis on publishing, accessories, gifts, stationery, apparel as well as a strong online component with a fully interactive website currently in production.

This website is based on the themes behind the show and allows viewers to create their own manga comics using either tutorials and images from the series to reinvent the stories and then share their work with friends. The website will also offer games including an innovative interactive game based on social conflict resolution.

Alongside this internet component, 26 original shorts will be produced to fully take advantage of opportunities on other platforms such as cell telephones and VoD. The series, shorts and website will be delivered by fall 2009.