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New ‘Smurfs’ Series Announced

Peyo Productions, Dupius Edition & Audiovisuel announce the series with co-production partners TFOU in France and KETNET and OUFTIVI in Belgium. 

‘Smurfs’ will return to TV in a new series, announced by Peyo Productions and Dupuis Edition & Audiovisuel.

Peyo Productions and Dupuis Edition & Audiovisuel announced a new Smurfs 3D-CGI animated series designed for ages 5 to 10.

Based on Peyo's comic book creation, the series’ co-production partners include French broadcaster TFOU and Belgian broadcasters KETNET and OUFTIVI.

Véronique Culliford, president and founder of Peyo Productions and I.M.P.S., as well as Peyo's daughter, says: "I am very happy to once again be able to continue my father's work by co-producing a new TV series about the Smurfs, almost 40 years after the universally known series.”

According to Léon Perahia, administrator and deputy managing director of Dupuis Edition & Audiovisuel: "Our collaboration with Peyo, creator of these characters, goes back to the first publication of their stories in Spirou magazine, 60 years ago. … We're excited to continue this great adventure by co-producing new episodes adapted from this wonderful universe".

Source: Peyo Productions

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