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New Sesame Street English Language Learning Series Available At MIPCOM

Get silly with Elmo and Cookie Monster as the duo introduce preschool English language learners to a daily dose of letters and sounds. SESAME STREET ENGLISH, a new broadcast series (26x2) featuring anime style versions of the SESAME STREET Muppets, makes phonics fun. Each all-English episode introduces one letter, sound, and word through vivid visuals and catchy rhythms. The series will be available at MIPCOM, October 13-17.

The TV series is part of a bigger project that encourages English-based proficiency at the beginning level. SESAME STREET ENGLISH is also 26 video lessons, delivered via multiple platforms, tailored to the young child's language learning process. Each lesson is filled with animation, live action, and classic SESAME STREET segments organized around four core content areas: reading readiness, math concepts, "nature and health exploration," and "the world around me."

Vocabulary instruction is organized by topics around these four content areas, and is developmentally relevant to help native speakers learn in familiar social contexts. For example, in the content area called "the world around me," one topic will address the subject of "transportation" and the words presented will include "planes," "boats," "cars," or "trains." While children may learn conversational English, the emphasis is on vocabulary around school subjects. SESAME STREET Muppet friends Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Grover, and Abby engage the audience with comedy, songs, color and energy -- creating an inviting and positive early experience in English language.

Each SESAME STREET ENGLISH package also comes with supplementary materials such as a parent support guide in the native language and an interactive "magic" pen, allowing children to choose their own video experience while getting extra practice with English. Children use the pen to select segments, play the games that are reinforced with video content, or sing their favorite SESAME songs in English.

SESAME STREET ENGLISH, which can be adapted for classroom use, utilizes research-based methods to provide learners with the introductory language skills necessary to build basic English with confidence.

"There are so few programs that present English language lessons in a meaningful context, and also encourage young learners to read and have fun doing so," said Dan Victor, Sesame Workshop's Exec VP, International. "Using tools of the 21st century, SESAME STREET ENGLISH is designed to appeal to SESAME STREET's core audience, who are learning and reviewing with their favorite Muppet friends."

Sesame Workshop's first experience with adapting SESAME STREET content to teach English to non-native speakers was SESAME ENGLISH, introduced nearly 10 years ago. Featuring a Muppet named Tingo, SESAME ENGLISH was designed to teach children 6-to-12 years of age. Using today's technology, SESAME STREET ENGLISH represents the evolution of the interactive learning experience, and engages and provides children with the opportunity enjoy focused lessons that will build the foundation for English proficiency.