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New Sales Deals for Portfolio Ent.

Portfolio Ent. has 200 episodes of combined sales in a variety of territories in Europe, Africa and Asia for animated tween comedy series, CARL2; children's astronomy program, HEADS UP!; preschool puppet series, IGLOO-GLOO and animated adventure series, TOAD PATROL.

Four international broadcasters lined-up for CARL2 starting with a full 65 half-hour series order by DeA Kids (Italy), a new channel of DeAgostini Editore. The animated comedy for tweens follows Carl Crashman, a slacker teen who accidentally clones himself. Renewing the fourth season of CARL2, Canal+ Cyfrowy/Zig Zap (Poland) and KTV (South Africa) signed on for an additional 13 episodes of Carl scrambling to cover up the trail of chaos his eccentric, exuberant clone leaves in his wake. Also seeing double is RTBF with pick-up of the first two seasons totaling 39 episodes for French-speaking Belgium.

National Geographic International has acquired 26 half-hours of kids astronomy based documentary program, HEADS UP!, for broadcast in Turkey, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The series takes children and tween viewers beyond the basics of the Big Dipper and the Moon, introducing them to the magical content and practical context of the night sky.

Snowflake and Snowball, the two loveable baby seal stars of IGLOO-GLOO are on their way from the Arctic Circle to viewers in Asia with Jim Jam purchasing 26x15 episodes of the preschool puppet series.

TOAD PATROL sets off on a new adventure with Minimax acquiring all 26 half-hour episodes of the animated children's series for Romania and Ex-Yugoslavia feeds.